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Economics of Governance

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07-02-2020 | Original Paper

The Peter and Dilbert Principles applied to academe

The academic literature has long held that firms typically develop a system of incentives and rules that are meant to encourage employees to maximize their effort, and the firms’ profits. As a result, firms’ employees often rise through the ranks …

21-12-2019 | Original Paper

Borda paradox in the 2017 Iranian presidential election: empirical evidence from opinion polls

Different voting paradoxes identified by social choice theorists have rarely been documented in real-world elections. The collected data from the opinion polls in the 2017 Iranian presidential election provides substantial empirical evidence …

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Economics of Governance fosters research at many levels of governance, including corporations, non-profit organizations, local and federal governments, and international organizations. Applications examined in the journal include the internal organization of firms, corporate governance, the private provision of public goods, local public policies, relations across levels of government, public expenditure and regulation, and problems of credibility and enforcement of international agreements.

Interdisciplinary contributions come from economists, organizational scholars, and political scientists. Moreover, the journal features several approaches to help readers gain new insights and perspectives on current topics in the field, including formal theoretical analysis, systematic observation, simulation, and empirical studies.

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