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Education and Information Technologies

Education and Information Technologies 5/2020

Issue 5/2020

Table of Contents ( 61 Articles )

13-08-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Editorial for EAIT issue 5, 2020

Arthur Tatnall

31-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Adoption of artificial intelligence in higher education: a quantitative analysis using structural equation modelling

Sheshadri Chatterjee, Kalyan Kumar Bhattacharjee

16-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Prospective middle school mathematics teachers’ points of view on the flipped classroom: The case of Turkey

Emine Özgür Şen, Kevser Hava

21-06-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Critical success factors influencing the adoption of digitalisation for teaching and learning by business schools

Ritu Gupta, A. Seetharaman, K. Maddulety

10-01-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The impact of preservice teachers’ cognitive and technological perceptions on their continuous intention to use flipped classroom

Ibrahim Arpaci, Gulsah Basol

04-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Determinants of learning management systems adoption in Nigeria: A hybrid SEM and artificial neural network approach

Mohammed Nasiru Yakubu, Salihu Ibrahim Dasuki, A. Mohammed Abubakar, Muhammadou M. O. Kah

05-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The impact of an adaptive e-course on students’ achievements based on the students’ prior knowledge

Elham Alsadoon

05-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

A case study investigating programming students’ peer review of codes and their perceptions of the online learning environment

Roshni Sabarinath, Choon Lang Gwendoline Quek

05-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The effectiveness of using interactive white boards in improving the Arabic listening skills of undergraduates majoring in Arabic language at Kuwaiti universities

Mohammad D. Aldhafiri

06-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Integrating technology in teaching and learning in universities in Lesotho: opportunities and challenges

Mukai Turugare, Norman Rudhumbu

07-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Refreshable braille displays and reading fluency: A pilot study in individuals with blindness

Vassilios Argyropoulos, Georgios Sideridis, Magda Nikolaraizi, Aineas Martos, Suzana Padeliadu, Konstantinos Gkyrtis, Sofia-Marina Koutsogiorgou

11-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Pedagogical framework for environmental science

Atul Sajjanhar, Kenneth Y. T. Lim, Yuechao Ren

12-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Virtual tutor and pupil interaction: A study of empathic feedback as extrinsic motivation for learning

Ali Oker, Florian Pecune, Christelle Declercq

15-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Virtual learning communities (VLCs) rethinking: Collaboration between learning communities

Stefanos Nikiforos, Spyros Tzanavaris, Katia-Lida Kermanidis

19-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Self-regulated learning strategies and non-academic outcomes in higher education blended learning environments: A one decade review

Lilian Anthonysamy, Ah-Choo Koo, Soon-Hin Hew

20-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

ICT policy implementation in higher education institutions in Namibia: A survey of students’ perceptions

Erisher Woyo, Gladys Dadirai Rukanda, Zanele Nyamapanda

24-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

An extended model for assessing E-Services of Iranian Universities Websites Using Mixed MCDM method

Masoud Shayganmehr, Gholam Ali Montazer

27-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Exploring teachers’ increased knowledge of the potential of mobile phone use: pilot study reducing the difference between students’ and teachers’ ideas

Tiina Leino Lindell

27-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Transforming learning with computers: Calculus for kids

Andrew E. Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, C. K. H. Chin, Irene Penesis, Jacky Chong, Yang Yang, Asim Ghous

27-02-2020 | Issue 5/2020

LPR: A bio-inspired intelligent learning path recommendation system based on meaningful learning theory

Mehdi Niknam, Parimala Thulasiraman

02-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Machine learning algorithm for grading open-ended physics questions in Turkish

Ayşe Çınar, Elif Ince, Murat Gezer, Özgür Yılmaz

06-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Implementation of real-time online mouse tracking on overseas quiz session

From server administrator point of view
Fajar Purnama, Otgontsetseg Sukhbaatar, Lodoiravsal Choimaa, Tsuyoshi Usagawa

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effects of microworld game-based approach on neuromuscular disabled students learning performance in elementary basic science courses

Aditya Khamparia, Babita Pandey, Brijendra Pratap Mishra

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Exploring EFL pre-service teachers’ adoption of technology in a CALL program: obstacles, motivators, and maintenance

Jalil Fathi, Saman Ebadi

11-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

A context-aware mobile learning system for adapting learning content and format of presentation: design, validation and evaluation

Soukaina Ennouamani, Zouhir Mahani, Laila Akharraz

13-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Parental reports on digital devices use in infancy and early childhood

Nadezhda V. Sivrikova, Tatyana G. Ptashko, Artem E. Perebeynos, Elena G. Chernikova, Natalya V. Gilyazeva, Victoria S. Vasilyeva

13-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Students’ interaction patterns in different online learning activities and their relationship with motivation, self-regulated learning strategy and learning performance

Ayça Çebi, Tolga Güyer

18-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Predicting school performance and early risk of failure from an intelligent tutoring system

Mithun Haridas, Georg Gutjahr, Raghu Raman, Rudraraju Ramaraju, Prema Nedungadi

20-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

The educational technologist as a variety-handler

Videoconferencing for remote music lessons as a case in point
Emanuele Bardone, Tony Tonni, Irene-Angelica Chounta

22-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

An account of EFL learners’ self-efficacy and gender in the Flipped Classroom Model

Ehsan Namaziandost, Fidel Çakmak

23-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Adoption of mobile applications for teaching-learning process in rural girls’ schools in India: an empirical study

Sheshadri Chatterjee, Dipasree Majumdar, Sanjay Misra, Robertas Damaševičius

24-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Teachers’ digital literacy and digital activity as digital divide components among basic schools in Ghana

James Sunney Quaicoe, Kai Pata

25-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Attitudes of IT teacher candidates towards computer programming and their self-efficacy and opinions regarding to block-based programming

Emre Çoban, Özgen Korkmaz, Recep Çakır, Feray Uğur Erdoğmuş

25-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Participatory design of persuasive technology in a blended learning course: A qualitative study

Monique M. J. Engelbertink, Saskia M. Kelders, Kariene M. Woudt-Mittendorff, Gerben J. Westerhof

26-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Acceptance of mobile phone by university students for their studies: an investigation applying UTAUT2 model

Kleopatra Nikolopoulou, Vasilis Gialamas, Konstantinos Lavidas

28-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Quantitative-comparative research on digital competence in students, graduates and professors of faculty education: an analysis with ANOVA

Francisco D. Guillén-Gámez, Mª José Mayorga-Fernández

31-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Google classroom: insights from Malaysian higher education students’ and instructors’ experiences

Jeya Amantha Kumar, Brandford Bervell, Sharifah Osman

31-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Longitudinal study of Kyrgyz students’ general physics course performance in paper-based versus online–based tests

Gülgün Afacan Adanır, Azat Akmatbekova, Gulshat Muhametjanova

31-03-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Smart school project in Iran: Potentials and barriers

Farhad Seraji, Hamed Abbasi Kasani, Hojjat Abedi, Mohammad Sajedifard

02-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Toward the visual understanding of computing curricula

Shingo Takada, Ernesto Cuadros-Vargas, John Impagliazzo, Steven Gordon, Linda Marshall, Heikki Topi, Gerrit van der Veer, Leslie Waguespack

02-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Use of mixed reality applications in teaching of science

Dogus Beyoglu, Cigdem Hursen, Arda Nasiboglu

04-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Student attitudes toward instructor assessment in higher education: Does the delivery method matter?

Erik Kormos, Liliana Julio

08-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effects of pedagogy and information technology utilization on innovation creation by SECI model

Noawanit Songkram, Suparoek Chootongchai

08-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Effectiveness of the use of the E-Gamification strategy to develop the educational achievement of the preparatory students in Dammam City and their attitudes towards it

Hatim Ibrahim

09-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Decision support model to help language teachers grouping adult learners in a classroom

Moh R. Dahman, Semiha Dahman

11-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Effect of coding and robotic education on pre-school children’s skills of scientific process

Sedat Turan, Fatih Aydoğdu

12-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Cognitive optimism of distinctive initiatives to foster self-directed and self-regulated learning skills: A comparative analysis of conventional and blended-learning in undergraduate studies

Daniel F. O. Onah, Elaine L. L. Pang, Jane E. Sinclair

13-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Development of the smartphone and learning inventory: Measuring self-regulated use

Kendall Hartley, Lisa D. Bendixen, Lori Olafson, Dan Gianoutsos, Emily Shreve

14-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020 Open Access

Optimal professional development ICT training initiatives at flagship universities

Xi Wang, W. James Jacob, Christopher C. Blakesley, Weiyan Xiong, Huiyuan Ye, Shangmou Xu, Fang Lu

17-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Relationship between motivations, personality traits and intention to continue using MOOCs

Hend Abdullatif, J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide

17-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Students’ perception and acceptance of web-based technologies: a multi-group PLS analysis in Romania and Spain

Nuri Balta, Liliana Mâță, Carlos Hervás Gómez, Katerina Tzafilkou

17-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Evaluating YouTube videos for young children

Michelle M. Neumann, Christothea Herodotou

19-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Design framework of adaptive intelligent tutoring systems

Ali Kürşat Erümit, İsmail Çetin

20-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

To: -) or to ☺, that is the question: a study of students’ initial impressions of instructors’ paralinguistic cues

Kyle R. Vareberg, David Westerman

20-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Developing intercultural communicative competence by the means of telecollaboration

Saliha Toscu, İsmail Hakkı Erten

22-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Development and validation of the MOOC success scale (MOOC-SS)

Nour Awni Albelbisi

22-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Parents’ beliefs about and associations to their elementary children’s home technology usage

Taylor Downes, Dane Marco Di Cesare, Tiffany L. Gallagher, Jennifer Rowsell

24-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

ICT resources for research: an ANOVA analysis on the digital research skills of higher education teachers comparing the areas of knowledge within each gender

Francisco D. Guillén-Gámez, Julio Ruiz-Palmero, Enrique Sánchez-Rivas, Ernesto Colomo-Magaña

25-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Exploring the effect of computer-mediated teacher feedback on the writing achievement of Iranian EFL learners: Does motivation count?

Narjis Sherafati, Farzad Mahmoudi Largani, Shahrzad Amini

26-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Exploring factors affecting academics’ adoption of emerging mobile technologies-an extended UTAUT perspective

Sailong Hu, Kumar Laxman, Kerry Lee

28-04-2020 | Issue 5/2020

Impact of the learning set’s size

Adil Korchi, Mohamed Dardor, El Houssine Mabrouk

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