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Education and Information Technologies

Education and Information Technologies 6/2017

Issue 6/2017

Students, Computers and Learning: Where is the Connection?

Table of Contents ( 29 Articles )

17-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Students, computers and learning: Where is the connection?

Chenglie Hu

15-06-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Examining the impact of the ABRACADABRA (ABRA) web-based literacy program on primary school students in Hong Kong

Barley S. Y. Mak, Alan C. K. Cheung, Xin Guo, Philip C. Abrami, Anne Wade

10-04-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Effects of computer-aided and blended teaching strategies on students’ achievement in civic education concepts in mountain learning ecologies

Olugbenga Adedayo Ige, Dipane Joseph Hlalele

04-05-2017 | Issue 6/2017

The value of using ICT in the education of school students with learning difficulties

Tas Adam, Arthur Tatnall

06-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Access and perceived ICT usability among students with disabilities attending higher education institutions

Tali Heiman, Catherine S. Fichten, Dorit Olenik-Shemesh, Noam S. Keshet, Mary Jorgensen

03-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

What effect does flipping the classroom have on undergraduate student perceptions and grades?

Kathleen K. Molnar

08-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Use of digital game based learning and gamification in secondary school science: The effect on student engagement, learning and gender difference

Amna Khan, Farzana Hayat Ahmad, Muhammad Muddassir Malik

25-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

A praxeological perspective for the design and implementation of a digital role-play game

Eric Sanchez, Réjane Monod-Ansaldi, Caroline Vincent, Sina Safadi-Katouzian

03-08-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Augmented reflective learning and knowledge retention perceived among students in classrooms involving virtual laboratories

Krishnashree Achuthan, Saneesh P. Francis, Shyam Diwakar

20-07-2017 | Issue 6/2017

“What I learn is what I like.” How do students in ICT-supported problem-based learning rate the quality of the learning experience, and how does it relate to the acquisition of competences?

Antonia Scholkmann

05-05-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Evaluating the potential of teacher-designed technology-based tasks for meaningful learning: Identifying needs for professional development

Ann George, Martie Sanders

07-03-2017 | Issue 6/2017 Open Access

What do upper secondary school teachers want to know from research on the use of ICT and how does this inform a research design?

Anders D. Olofsson, J. Ola Lindberg, Göran Fransson

06-05-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Viewing the changing world of educational technology from a different perspective: Present realities, past lessons, and future possibilities

Martie Sanders, Ann George

07-11-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Editorial for EAIT Issue 6, 2017

Arthur Tatnall

29-10-2016 | Issue 6/2017

Exploring the use of the ICT in supporting dyslexic students’ preferred learning styles : A preliminary evaluation

FatimaEzzahra Benmarrakchi, Jamal El Kafi, Ali Elhore, Sara Haie

12-12-2016 | Issue 6/2017

Wikipedia as a platform for impactful learning: A new course model in higher education

Shani Evenstein Sigalov, Rafi Nachmias

12-12-2016 | Issue 6/2017

Technology enhanced learning in programming courses – international perspective

Mirjana Ivanović, Stelios Xinogalos, Tomáš Pitner, Miloš Savić

17-12-2016 | Issue 6/2017

An online authoring tool for creating activity-based learning objects

Jeong Yong Ahn, Gil Seong Mun, Kyung Soo Han, Sook Hee Choi

26-12-2016 | Issue 6/2017

LTSA conformance testing to architectural design of LMS using ontology

Souvik Sengupta, Ranjan Dasgupta

03-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

The effect of badges on the engagement of students with special educational needs: A case study

Ourania Sitra, Vangelis Katsigiannakis, Charalampos Karagiannidis, Sofia Mavropoulou

11-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Online formative assessments in a digital signal processing course: Effects of feedback type and content difficulty on students learning achievements

J. Petrović, P. Pale, B. Jeren

19-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Smartphones usage in the classrooms: Learning aid or interference?

Muhammad Anshari, Mohammad Nabil Almunawar, Masitah Shahrill, Danang Kuncoro Wicaksono, Miftachul Huda

24-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017 Open Access

Blurring time and place in higher education with bring your own device applications: a literature review

Marcus Sundgren

27-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Comprehensive analysis of semantic web reasoners and tools: a survey

Aditya Khamparia, Babita Pandey

30-01-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Designing and creating an educational app rubric for preschool teachers

Stamatios Papadakis, Michail Kalogiannakis, Nicholas Zaranis

01-02-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Digital literacy and online video: Undergraduate students’ use of online video for coursework

Peter Tiernan, Margaret Farren

01-02-2017 | Issue 6/2017

Perceptions of pre-service teachers on the design of a learning environment based on the seven principles of good practice

Suad Abdul Aziz Al-Furaih

02-02-2017 | Issue 6/2017

An empirical verification of a-priori learning models on mailing archives in the context of online learning activities of participants in free\libre open source software (FLOSS) communities

Patrick Mukala, Antonio Cerone, Franco Turini

04-02-2017 | Issue 6/2017 Open Access

Copyright ownership of e-learning and teaching materials: Policy approaches taken by UK universities

Elizabeth Gadd, Ralph Weedon

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