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Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

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21-01-2021 Open Access

The integrity of educational outcome measures in international assessments

21-01-2021 Open Access

Early tracking and different types of inequalities in achievement: difference-in-differences evidence from 20 years of large-scale assessments

Research to date on the effects of between-school tracking on inequalities in achievement and on performance has been inconclusive. A possible explanation is that different studies used different data, focused on different domains, and employed …

19-01-2021 Open Access

Academic resilience: underlying norms and validity of definitions

Academic resilience refers to students’ capacity to perform highly despite a disadvantaged background. Although most studies using international large-scale assessment (ILSA) data defined academic resilience with two criteria, student background …


Re-reviewing item parameter equivalence in TIMSS 2015 from a sociocognitive perspective

From a sociocognitive perspective, item parameters in a test represent regularities in examinees’ item responses. These regularities are originated from shared experiences among individuals in interacting with their environment. Theories …


Preparing for the worst: identifying predictors of school decline as an improvement initiative

School improvement research has insufficiently considered the importance of intervening in schools with declining academic performance. Fields such as engineering and medicine have prioritized predicting decline to save structures or patients …

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This international journal investigates and discusses the functions, theories, values and practices of assessment, evaluation and accountability. Coverage includes their impact in schools, higher education and educational systems and their reach into homes and communities.

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