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10-05-2019 | Original Article

Indonesia Mengajar: An investment in hope

Indonesia Mengajar (IM), or Indonesia Teaches, is a movement that began in 2009 with the aim of addressing teacher shortage in schools across Indonesia and developing future leaders by sending them to live in remote parts of the country (Indonesia …

10-05-2019 | Original Article

Lost in adaptation? Issues of adapting Japanese lesson study in non-Japanese contexts

The phenomenal spread of Japanese lesson study (LS) beyond Japan is indicative of the perception that the seemingly obvious routines of LS are transferable into foreign contexts. It is, however, to be expected, that various aspects of LS would be …

25-02-2019 | Original Article

Exploring early childhood teacher education: implications for policy and practice

This paper introduces a study that examined the difficulties faced in an early childhood teacher education program at one of the universities in Jordan. A qualitative research approach has been opted utilizing the in-depth interviewing and …

08-12-2018 | Original Article

Teacher learning, accountability and policy enactment in Ontario: the centrality of trust

This article considers the role of trust in teacher professional learning as a form of policy enactment. Drawing upon an experienced teacher’s understandings of an assessment policy, Growing Success, in Ontario, Canada, we foreground the sociality …

03-12-2018 | Original Article

Keeping the learning going: using mobile technology to enhance learning transfer

Every year billions of dollars are spent on development aid and training around the world. Little attention is paid, however, to the sustainability of the various interventions. Some studies suggest that technology usage can serve as an effective …

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With a broad coverage of education in all sectors and levels of education, the journal seeks to promote the contribution of educational research, both quantitative and qualitative, to system-wide reforms and policy making on the one hand, and to resolving specific problems facing teachers and learners at a particular level of education in the Asia-Pacific region on the other.

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