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08-11-2017 | Original Article

Educational experiences of ELL educators: searching for instructional insights to promote ELL students’ learning

Sustained academic growth of the Mexican population in the public schools of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas has precipitated a need for new and innovative ways to effectively educate English-language learners (ELLs). In place of common external …

03-10-2017 | Original Article

The ‘Universal Access to early childhood education’ agenda in Australia: rationales and instruments

This paper explores the Australian Government’s ‘Universal Access’ policy in the early childhood education sector. Using data from selected policy texts, and drawing on interpretive policy analysis, the paper specifically examines rationales …

19-08-2017 | Original Article

Effectiveness of the policy of English as a medium of instruction: perspectives and outcomes from the instructors and students of university science courses at a university in the UAE

This study aims to explore the perceptions of university students and instructors regarding English as the medium of instruction for teaching science courses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One hundred English as a Foreign Language students …

18-08-2017 | Original Article

A rhizotextual analysis of Philippine secondary textbooks in history

Textbooks, as a curriculum document text, are subject to nonlinear entry and points of interpretation and implementation. The interpretation of its content is dependent on the reader or the writer, thus making it open to multimodal ways of …

29-07-2017 | Original Article

Shadowing the International Baccalaureate: private supplementary tutoring for the diploma programme in China

This paper outlines the findings of a mixed-method study of private supplementary tutoring received by students at international schools offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in China. Phase One was an online survey of …

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The official journal of the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association. Presents research that has generated a substantive result of importance for educational policy and practice; analyses of global forces, regional trends and national educational reforms; studies of key issues in teaching, learning and development - such as the challenges to be faced in learning to live together in what is the largest and most diverse region of the world.

With a broad coverage of education in all sectors and levels of education, the journal seeks to promote the contribution of educational research, both quantitative and qualitative, to system-wide reforms and policy making on the one hand, and to resolving specific problems facing teachers and learners at a particular level of education in the Asia-Pacific region on the other.

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