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10-11-2020 | Electric Engine | News | Article

Siemens Accelerates Production of Electric Motors

Patrick Schäfer
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Siemens has developed a Wire Brake software application which regulates the wire pull tension in linear winding to enable faster winding speeds. 

Siemens has unveiled its Wire Brake software application which monitors the tension of the copper wire during automated winding of rectangular coil formers. It is thought that this will increase winding speeds and winding quality in the production of electric motors compared to passive systems. 

The function can be integrated directly into machine projects using the Simotion Wire Brake standard library, which reduces the engineering and commissioning times for winding machines. The software application contains algorithms that factor in the coil former's rectangular shape and includes the components TensionControl to control the wire tension brake axis and CamGeneration to calculate curves using reference values.

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