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04-10-2017 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Mazda, Toyota and Denso Are Driving Electric Mobility Forward

Christiane Köllner

Toyota and Mazda, as well as the automotive supplier Denso, have created the joint venture EV C.A. Spirit. They want to jointly develop the technologies and components required for electric vehicles.

Mazda, Toyota and Denso have signed a contract for joint development of basic technologies required for electric vehicles and have agreed to establish a new company. It is supposed to be called EV. C.A. Spirit, and have its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, as the companies have reported. Toyota has acquired a 90 percent stake in the new company, while Mazda and Denso have each acquired five percent. 

Mazda and Toyota had already agreed to jointly develop electric cars in 2015. A new addition is the electronics specialist Denso. Together, the three partners are now looking to develop a wide range of models from small cars up to SUVs and light commercial electric vehicles.

Basic technology for a variety of different models

The focus of their cooperation is to explore the characteristics of a common architecture for electric vehicles, develop common components and investigate the optimal concept for each vehicle class.

Mazda and Toyota are to provide "the same developmental resources, ensure efficient development processes and take advantage of existing production facilities", according to a statement. The companies also intend to create a business structure that is open to other car manufacturers and suppliers.

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