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05-07-2024 | Electric Vehicles | Editor´s Pick | News

NXP and ZF Announce Cooperation

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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More safety, efficiency, range and performance: NXP and ZF cooperate on SiC-based traction inverters for electric vehicles. 

NXP Semiconductors and ZF Friedrichshafen are working together to develop SiC-based traction inverter solutions for the next generation of electric vehicles. By using SiC power devices with isolated high-voltage gate drivers, higher switching frequencies and lower conduction losses can be achieved compared to silicon-based IGBT and MOSFET power switches. "The combination of ZF's expertise in motor control and power electronics with NXP's GD316x gate driver family enables us to provide our latest SiC-based traction inverters with higher power and volume density, efficiency and differentiation", said Dr. Carsten Götte, SVP Electrified Powertrain Technology at ZF.

Customers benefit from a significant increase in safety, efficiency, range and performance. The GD316x family of isolated high-voltage gate drivers includes a range of programmable control, diagnostic, monitoring and protection functions that have been enhanced to drive the latest SiC power modules for automotive traction inverter applications. The collaboration between NXP and ZF is expected to lead to faster electrification of the automotive industry and also accelerate the adoption of 800 V and SiC power devices.

This is a partly automated translation of this German article.


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