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08-10-2018 - 09-10-2018 | Electric Vehicles | Editor´s Pick | Stuttgart | Event

ELECT! 2018

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ATZ Conference Electrified Mobility

The conference from 8.-9. October 2018 in Stuttgart will examine electrified mobility concepts from the two perspectives of mobility and technology.

The electrification of mobility opens up new opportunities: digitization, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and electric mobility are the overriding issues in this process of change in the automotive industry. Car makers are going on the offensive. The model range of electrified vehicles is being visibly expanded. However, a real breakthrough in electric mobility will not take place until there is perfect interaction between the product and the infrastructure, and there are many different interest groups and stakeholders involved in this process.

The aim is to find answers to questions like these:

  • How will individual mobility, local public transport, and delivery services change?
  • Which products will change our mobility?
  • What will the run up to electric mobility with hybridized and all-electric powertrains look like?
  • Will these have a secure supply of energy from regenerative resources?
  • Which role will be played by the fuel cell in national and international markets?

Stuttgart, Germany

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