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24-03-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Adhesive Technology for Innovative Electric Vehicle

Dr. Hubert Pelc
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The Bodo Möller Chemie Group, industry provider of speciality chemicals and complete solutions, is collaborating with the American e-mobility start-up Canoo on the development of a new electric van scheduled to come on the market in 2021.

The vehicle stands out due to its particularly innovative design and modular concept, which will allow the integration of an autonomous driving functionality in the future. The car offers maximum space and houses an 80 kWh battery in a supporting skateboard architecture in the vehicle floor. The Bodo Möller Chemie Group is supporting the start-up with an extensive portfolio of materials, ranging from glass and structural bonding in the vehicle body through to adhesives for battery, control and charging technology (thermal interface management).

Large-surface bonding

In only 21 months, Canoo has managed to put the first prototypes of the beta series on wheels. The vehicle breaks with the conventions of traditional automotive manufacture not only visually, but also in terms of its design. The large window surfaces and body panels are glued on a steel frame with state-of-the-art adhesives. The selection of materials and extensive laboratory tests on them were performed in collaboration with Bodo Möller. 

An innovative battery concept and superior safety

According to Canoo, the total range of the vehicle is 400 kilometres, and the high-performance battery can be charged to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes, which enables a range of more than 300 kilometres. Canoo is breaking new ground in electricity storage and uses the battery as an integral part of the flat skateboard frame. So far, individual cells linked to form modules and subsequently supplemented to form a pack have been standard practice – but that adds weight and reduces energy density. With the Canoo battery, however, both the joining technology and the thermal management had to be reconsidered in order to retain the thermal integrity of the battery and obtain the necessary safety level. The start-up was founded by former top managers from the automotive sector, including BMW and leading companies from the battery industry. Canoo is also breaking new ground with its marketing of the vehicle: the van won't be available to buy but will instead only be available on subscription.

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