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11-01-2018 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Kia Presents the Niro EV

Patrick Schäfer

Kia is presenting the Niro EV Concept with all-electric drive at the 2018 CES. This compact SUV study, which is already available as a plug-in hybrid, focuses on autonomous driving and connectivity. 

Instead of a radiator grille, a display panel replaces the "tiger’s nose" on the Niro EV. The vehicle uses a camera to detect pedestrians and cyclists crossing its path, and issues a warning over its loudspeakers. A 150 kW electric motor powers the vehicle. Its 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery should permit a range of up to 383 kilometres. Kia plans to offer five pure battery-electric vehicle models by 2025. A hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle will also launch in 2020.

The Niro EV Concept’s interior features a new infotainment interface for the user. A control panel integrated into the steering wheel allows the infotainment system and air conditioner to be controlled through touch gestures. The user can log in by means of facial and voice recognition via the interface to retrieve stored personal settings. The two-zone sound system comprises two loudspeakers per headrest at each seat, and it allows users to listen to different music at the front and rear simultaneously thanks to noise-cancelling technology.

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