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Electrical Engineering 6/2022
Electrical Engineering

Issue 6/2022


Table of Contents (61 Articles)

02-06-2022 | Original Paper

A composite electrochemical-thermal model for the determination of thermal profiles of lithium-ion cell for electric vehicle application
Jeemut Bahan Sangiri, Arghya Sardar, Sudipto Ghosh, Suman Maiti, Chandan Chakraborty

03-06-2022 | Original Paper

A new deep learning method for the classification of power quality disturbances in hybrid power system
Belkis Eristi, Huseyin Eristi

09-06-2022 | Original Paper

Implementation and characterization of reference measuring system for the calibration of high voltage source at very low frequency (VLF)
Ahmet Merev, Sami Özer, Serkan Dedeoglu

10-06-2022 | Original Paper

A dynamic and combined maintenance strategy for photovoltaic power plants considering the dependencies and availability of components
Wei Chen, Xubin Li, Qingchun Ji, Xiping Pei, Zhongfei Wang, Feng He

12-06-2022 | Original Paper

Torque ripple reduction in three-level five-phase inverter-fed five-phase induction motor
Yogesh Tatte, Mohan Aware, Chetan Khadse

17-06-2022 | Original Paper

Tariff rationalization for reactive power and harmonics regulation in low voltage distribution networks
Jayaprakash Budhavarapu, Mayurkumar Rajkumar Balwani, Karthik Thirumala, Vivek Mohan, Siqi Bu, Manoranjan Sahoo

23-06-2022 | Original Paper

Explicit damping specification in PI controller design for desired control performance of wind power conversion system with permanent magnet generator
S. M. Tripathi, A. N. Tiwari

24-06-2022 | Original Paper

An approach for light flicker mitigation through reduced capacity STATCOM
A. Sharma, B. S. Rajpurohit, Samar Agnihotri

26-06-2022 | Original Paper

Optimal insulation design of form-wound stator winding with stress grading system under fast rise-time excitation
Mohammed Khalil Hussain, Pablo Gomez

27-06-2022 | Original Paper

Predictive sliding surface control of squirrel cage induction motor fed by a voltage source inverter: experimental validation and analyses
Ozan Gulbudak, Mustafa Gokdag, Hasan Komurcugil

Open Access 20-07-2022 | Original Paper

Subtransmission overhead lines mechanical monitoring for fast detection of damaging events
Stefano Quaia, Alessandro Mauri, Matteo Marega, Alessio Marchesin, Davide Rampazzo, Chiara Vergine

02-07-2022 | Original Paper

PV-fed non-isolated resonant converter for DC microgrid applications
Mustafa Gokdag

06-07-2022 | Original Paper

A security system for frequency control based on dynamic regulation for electrical grids with renewable energy sources integrated
J. Umaña, A. Conde

06-07-2022 | Original Paper

Reinforcement learning-based demand-side management by smart charging of electric vehicles
Melik Bugra Ozcelik, Mert Kesici, Necati Aksoy, Istemihan Genc

07-07-2022 | Original Paper

Comparison parametric and non-parametric methods in probabilistic load flow studies for power distribution networks
Ali Reza Abbasi

07-07-2022 | Original Paper

Energy saving for separately excited DC motor via optimization method with deterministic recursive linear least square algorithm
Jeerawan Homjan, Kongpol Areerak, Tidarut Areerak, Sasiya Udomsuk, Kongpan Areerak

08-07-2022 | Original Paper

Epoxy/graphite nanocomposites as dielectric resins with enhanced thermal conductivity
Renaud Metz, Lurayni Diaz-Chacon, Reinaldo Atencio, Philippe Dieudonné-George

09-07-2022 | Original Paper

Rotor pole analysis of five-phase outer rotor field excited switched flux motor for in-wheel application
Shoaib Ahmed, Naseer Ahmad, Surat Khan, Abdin Pasund, Irfan Sami

Open Access 11-07-2022 | Original Paper

Common and differential mode of dc-bias in three-phase power transformers
Wei Wang, Arne Nysveen, Niklas Magnusson

12-07-2022 | Original Paper

Adaptive notch filter-based abc–dq–abc transformation
Pavel Zuniga, Marco Gutierrez, Dunstano Del Puerto-Flores, Alma Y. Alanis, Felipe Uribe

16-07-2022 | Original Paper

Analysis of DC low energy discharges emitted light for transformer oil state assessment
Tarek Adnane, Hocine Moulai, Romulus Terebes

30-06-2022 | Original Paper

A hybrid excitation synchronous generator for a 1.5 MW grid-connected wind conversion system
Hayder Gallas, Sandrine Le Ballois, Helmi Aloui, Lionel Vido

21-07-2022 | Original Paper

Multi-objective chance-constrained transmission congestion management through optimal allocation of energy storage systems and TCSC devices
Rahman Ansaripour, Hassan Barati, Ahmad Ghasemi

25-07-2022 | Original Paper

Research on influencing factors of magnetic property test of permanent magnetic ring
Ze Zhang, Yang Luo, Zilong Wang, Dunbo Yu, Yuanfei Yang, Wenlong Yan, Haijun Peng, Kaiwen Wu, Wenjian Yan

25-07-2022 | Original Paper

Research on cross-decoupling of multirelay magnetic coupling wireless power transfer system
Yahui Jia, Zhihui Wang, Xiaofei Li, Zhiping Zuo

26-07-2022 | Original Paper

Power quality and stability improvement alongside decoupled control of frequency and voltage in doubly-fed induction generator by battery energy storage
Neda Azizi, Hassan Moradi CheshmehBeigi

29-07-2022 | Original Paper

A novel methodology for dynamic voltage support with adaptive schemes in photovoltaic generators
H. A. Villarroel-Gutiérrez, J. Morales, M. Molina

29-07-2022 | Original Paper

Design optimization of switched reluctance motors based on a novel magnetic parameter methodology
Wei Qiao, Kaikai Diao, Shouyi Han, Xiaodong Sun

03-08-2022 | Original Paper

The effect of water on tracking failure of epoxy/MgO samples
Kaancan Kirkagac, Mehmet Murat Ispirli, Aysel Ersoy

07-09-2022 | Correction

Correction to: The effect of water on tracking failure of epoxy/MgO samples
Kaancan Kirkagac, Mehmet Murat Ispirli, Aysel Ersoy

04-08-2022 | Original Paper

Improved double-mode model predictive control scheme with reduced output dv/dt for modular multilevel converters
Mahyar Khosravi, Davood Arab Khaburi, Meysam Yousefzadeh, Jose Rodriguez

04-08-2022 | Original Paper

Prediction method of breakdown voltage of long air gaps containing a floating conductor
Cheng Xie, Linong Wang, Jiachen Gao, Shaocheng Wu, Bin Song, Lei Liu, Tingting Wang

06-08-2022 | Original Paper

An energy management optimization approach for proton exchange membrane fuel cell-battery hybrid energy system for railway applications
Upasana Sarma, Sanjib Ganguly

07-08-2022 | Original Paper

Dielectric performance analysis of laboratory aged power cable under harmonic voltages
Cihat Cagdas Uydur, Oktay Arikan

07-08-2022 | Original Paper

Reinforcement-learning-based damping control scheme of a PV plant in wide-area measurement system
Ismael Abdulrahman

09-08-2022 | Original Paper

An internet of thing monitoring system with high-precision time reference for transmission lines and the fault recognition method
Guobing Pan, Junjie Qian, Xiangda Chen, Jing Ouyang, Xin Liu, Peng Xue

09-08-2022 | Original Paper

The effects of non-standard lightning impulse on electrical insulation: a review
Pradipta Ghosh, Arup Kumar Das, Sovan Dalai, Saibal Chatterjee

10-08-2022 | Original Paper

Improvement calculation method of static magnetic field based on equivalent magnetic circuit method
Ke Chen, Hongyang Shi, Lei Yin, Jingshi Fang, Yajun Guo, Hongmei Zheng

14-08-2022 | Original Paper

A self-synchronization control scheme of cascaded-type STATCOM with low-bandwidth communication
Lang Li, Yao Sun, Xiaochao Hou, Xufeng Yuan, Huazhong Feng, Peng Tian, Feng Pan

18-08-2022 | Original Paper

Fuzzy incorporated Black–Litterman model for renewable energy portfolio optimization
Arjun C. Unni, Weerakorn Ongsakul, Nimal Madhu

18-08-2022 | Original Paper

The effect of stator slot number and pole number on motor performance in double-sided axial flux induction motors for electric vehicles
Mustafa Özsoy, Orhan Kaplan, Mehmet Akar

22-08-2022 | Original Paper

Dynamic environmental economic dispatch with an enhanced-accuracy probabilistic wind cost model
Hamid Rezaie, Hadi Razmi, Nima Safari, Hasan Doagou-Mojarrad

23-08-2022 | Original Paper

Autonomous transient power management strategy based on improved droop control for DC microgrid
Kabindra Pokharel, Weilin Li, Sonee Sapkota, Yusen Zhang, Hongwei Zhao, Umar Saleem

23-08-2022 | Original Paper

A three-winding coupled-inductor nonisolated high step-up interleaved DC–DC converter with low switch stress
Hamed Javaheri Fard, Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh

25-08-2022 | Original Paper

Modified tri-axial square Helmholtz coil for omnidirectional wireless power transfer
Renzhe Liu, Cancan Rong, Conghui Lu, Yingyin Zeng, Xiaobo Liu, Xiangrui He, Minghai Liu

25-08-2022 | Original Paper

Fuzzy control for automatic operation of bank capacitors installed in a substation
Pedro Henrique Araujo Rocha, Frederico Coelho

29-08-2022 | Original Paper

A real-time LabVIEW-based emulator for various types of electrical loads
Mohammad Shadnam Zarbil, Mehdi Khalifeh, Abolfazl Vahedi

29-08-2022 | Original Paper

A modified MLDCL inverter with reduced number of DC sources and switches for PV application
Anil Kumar Yarlagadda, Vimlesh Verma

29-08-2022 | Original Paper

A novel switched-capacitor and fuzzy logic-based quadratic boost converter with mitigated voltage stress, applicable for DC micro-grid
Hakan Tekin, Kübra Bulut, Davut Ertekin

30-08-2022 | Original Paper

Stator resistance and speed estimation for five level inverter fed DTFC-SVM of speed sensorless PMSM drive
Ramakrishna Pothuraju, Ramesh Tejavathu, Dharmendra Kumar Poondla

01-09-2022 | Original Paper

Short-term load forecasting based on empirical wavelet transform and random forest
Guo-Feng Fan, Li-Ling Peng, Wei-Chiang Hong

01-09-2022 | Original Paper

Voltage reduction strategy for V–I droop-based stand-alone microgrid considering demand side management capability
Sumit Kumar Jha, Deepak Kumar, D. K. Mohanta

04-09-2022 | Original Paper

Three-phase inverters open-circuit faults diagnosis using an enhanced variational mode decomposition, wavelet packet analysis, and scalar indicators
Rabah Abdelkader, Bilal Djamal Eddine Chérif, Azeddine Bendiabdellah, Abdelhafid Kaddour

07-09-2022 | Original Paper

Dynamic stability improvement of power system with DFIG using multi-input backstepping control
Zabiholah Faramarzi, Saeed Abazari, Said Hoghoughi, Navid Reza Abjadi

07-09-2022 | Original Paper

Optimization design of coupling mechanism for dynamic static hybrid AGV WPT systems
Yang Lu, Chenyang Xia, Cancan Rong, Shuze Zhao, Yunhai Liu, Mengmeng Chen, Ziyue Yang, Weilong Li

10-09-2022 | Original Paper

An application of Wild Horse Optimizer to multi-objective energy management in a micro-grid
Miloš Milovanović, Dardan Klimenta, Marija Panić, Jelena Klimenta, Bojan Perović

10-09-2022 | Original Paper

Fault detection method of flexible DC distribution network based on color relation analysis classifier
Yanfang Wei, Zhijie Wang, Kang-Zhi Liu, Peng Wang, Zhihui Zeng, Xiaowei Wang

11-09-2022 | Original Paper

Classification of distribution power grid structures using inception v3 deep neural network
Stefano Frizzo Stefenon, Kin-Choong Yow, Ademir Nied, Luiz Henrique Meyer

14-09-2022 | Original Paper

A composite network model for load-independent output and near unit power factor in WPT system
Jingang Li, Xuze Zhang, Xiangqian Tong

16-09-2022 | Original paper

Experimental verification of dynamic voltage restorer fed by solar PV: lithium-ion battery storage for lasting power quality improvement
Abdallah Ben Abdelkader, Toufik Toumi, Othmane Abdelkhalek

16-09-2022 | Original Paper

Investigation of ground impedance measurement techniques up to 1 MHz frequency in urban dense power substations
Mohammad Talebzadeh, Alireza Setayeshmehr, Hassan Barati

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