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05-02-2020 | Electrical Engineering | News | Article

Semi-Solid Lithium-ion Battery Systems

Leyla Buchholz
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The companies Kyocera Corporation and 24M have launched a residential energy storage system, Enerezza, using a novel semi-solid electrode manufacturing process. In addition, Kyocera has extended its commitment to 24M’s manufacturing platform with plans to start full-scale mass production in the fall of 2020.

In June 2019, Kyocera began pilot production of the semi-solid battery technology to validate its use in residential energy storage systems in the Japanese market. Based on the successful pilot, the company recently rolled out its full Enerezza product line, a residential energy storage system available in 5.0 kWh, 10.0 kWh, and 15.0 kWh capacities designed to meet diverse customer needs.
“Kyocera and our customers benefit from long battery life, unparalleled safety, and the low-cost approach enabled by this unique manufacturing process,” said Toshihide Koyano, Deputy General Manager of Corporate Solar Energy Group at Kyocera. “We believe that the semi-solid technology is the emerging standard for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. We are delighted to be the first company to deliver residential energy storage products using this novel process.”

The manufacturing process delivers market-leading price-performance. Semi-solid electrodes use no binder, mixing electrolyte with active materials to form a clay-like slurry with unique attributes. As a result, the process eliminates the need for a significant amount of inactive materials and capital-intensive processes like drying and electrolyte filling, thus dramatically reducing manufacturing cost. 

“Kyocera’s launch of the Enerezza residential energy storage product line marks a significant milestone for 24M,” said Naoki Ota, President and CTO of 24M. “After many years of hard work, our technology is commercially available thanks to our dedicated partner.

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