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This book focuses on the new direction of magnetic pulsed metal working by attraction of sheet metals. In the first part, the authors focus on the magnetic pulsed pressure for forming of inner angles in the sheet metals. Part 2 of the book presents the magnetic pulsed attraction of thin-walled metals. In the third and last part, the authors present the practical realization of external restoring the dents on the car bodies by electromagnetic metal forming attraction.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

The practical use of the energy of pulsed electromagnetic fields opens exclusive perspectives for the creation of advanced technologies for the processing of materials of any physical nature.
Yuriy Batygin, Marina Barbashova, Oleh Sabokar

Chapter 2. Magnetic Pulsed Pressure for Forming Inner Angles in Sheet Metals

The distribution of internal angular surfaces is a competitive technology for processing metals by pressure and can be used as an element of the technological cycle for the production of various elements of metal structures.
Yuriy Batygin, Marina Barbashova, Oleh Sabokar

Chapter 3. Magnetic Pulsed Attraction of Thin-Walled Metals

This section describes two fundamentally new ways of achieving the attraction of metals with both ferrous and non-ferromagnetic properties. Analytical solutions describing the inductor systems’ operation of a given geometric shape show the expected operability of the system.
Yuriy Batygin, Marina Barbashova, Oleh Sabokar

Chapter 4. Practical Realization of External-Dent Removal in Car Bodies Using EMF Attraction

Application of EMF technologies in the automotive industry is an innovative technique for contactless surface treatment of sheet metals. This chapter describes the practical application of magnetic pulse systems for solving problems of contactless dent removal on surface-body elements without damaging paintwork. A detailed description of the test equipment, step-by-step execution of the dent-removal operation, and subsequent experiments with their results are presented.
Yuriy Batygin, Marina Barbashova, Oleh Sabokar

Chapter 5. Conclusion

The present book consists of three separate parts that illuminate two possible major applications of metal magnetic pulsed processing.
Yuriy Batygin, Marina Barbashova, Oleh Sabokar
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