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Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
46 Volumes | 2018 - 2021



This books series publishes cutting edge monographs and professional books focused on all aspects of energy and environmental sustainability, especially as it relates to energy concerns. The Series is published in partnership with the International Society for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability. The books in these series are edited or authored by top researchers and professional across the globe. The series aims at publishing state-of-the-art research and development in areas including, but not limited to:

• Renewable Energy

• Alternative Fuels

• Engines and Locomotives

• Combustion and Propulsion

• Fossil Fuels

• Carbon Capture

• Control and Automation for Energy

• Environmental Pollution

• Waste Management

• Transportation Sustainability

Review Process

The proposal for each volume is reviewed by the main editor and/or the advisory board. The chapters in each volume are individually reviewed single blind by expert reviewers (at least four reviews per chapter) and the main editor.

Ethics Statement for this series can be found in the Springer standard guidelines here

All books of the series Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

2021 | Book

Bioremediation using weeds

In this monograph, the core elements of multidisciplinary bioremediation practices are addressed and environmental pollutants which can be effectively remediated using weeds is focused upon. Weeds plants can easily grow in waste dumping sites with …

2021 | Book

New Research Directions in Solar Energy Technologies

Applications of solar energy have been expanding in recent years across the world. This monograph details such far-reaching and important applications which have the potential for large impact on various segments of the society. It focuses solar …

2021 | Book

Alcohol as an Alternative Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines

This book covers different aspects related to utilization of alcohol fuels in internal combustion (IC) engines with a focus on combustion, performance and emission investigations. The focal point of this book is to present engine combustion …

2021 | Book

Alternative Fuels and Advanced Combustion Techniques as Sustainable Solutions for Internal Combustion Engines

This monograph covers different aspects related to utilization of alternative fuels in internal combustion (IC) engines with a focus on biodiesel, dimethyl ether, alcohols, biogas, etc. The focal point of this book is to present engine combustion …

2021 | Book


A Sustainable Transport Fuel for CI Engines

This monograph is based on methanol as a fuel for transportation sector, specifically for compression ignition (CI) engines. The contents present examples of utilization of methanol as a fuel for CI engines in different modes of transportation …

2021 | Book


A Sustainable Transport Fuel for SI Engines

This monograph focuses on methanol and its utilization in transportation sector, namely in spark ignition (SI) engines. The contents focus on methanol production and presents a variety of production technologies from different feedstocks. The …

2021 | Book

Novel Internal Combustion Engine Technologies for Performance Improvement and Emission Reduction

This monograph covers different aspects of internal combustion engines including engine performance and emissions and presents various solutions to resolve these issues. The contents provide examples of utilization of methanol as a fuel for CI …

2020 | Book

Measurement, Analysis and Remediation of Environmental Pollutants

This book discusses contamination of water, air, and soil media. The book covers health effects of such contamination and discusses remedial measures to improve the situation. Contributions by experts provide a comprehensive discussion on the …

2020 | Book

Advanced Combustion Techniques and Engine Technologies for the Automotive Sector

This book discusses the recent advances in combustion strategies and engine technologies, with specific reference to the automotive sector. Chapters discuss the advanced combustion technologies, such as gasoline direct ignition (GDI), spark …

2020 | Book

Alternative Fuels and Their Utilization Strategies in Internal Combustion Engines

This book covers alternative fuels and their utilization strategies in internal combustion engines. The main objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the production and utilization aspects of …

2020 | Book

Simulations and Optical Diagnostics for Internal Combustion Engines

Current Status and Way Forward

This book focuses on combustion simulations and optical diagnostics techniques, which are currently used in internal combustion engines. The book covers a variety of simulation techniques, including in-cylinder combustion, numerical investigations …

2020 | Book

Biomass Valorization to Bioenergy

This book covers topics related to bioenergy production from various biomass sources, including agricultural residues and waste biomass from both domestic and industrial use. It includes useful data, illustrations, and case studies of bioenergy …

2020 | Book

Dynamics and Control of Energy Systems

This book presents recent advances in dynamics and control of different types of energy systems. It covers research on dynamics and control in energy systems from different aspects, namely, combustion, multiphase flow, nuclear, chemical and …

2020 | Book

Solar Energy

Systems, Challenges, and Opportunities

This book covers challenges and opportunities related to solar-energy based systems. It covers a wide variety of topics related to solar energy, including applications-based systems such as solar thermal systems that are focused on drying …

2020 | Book

Design and Development of Heavy Duty Diesel Engines

A Handbook

This book is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference on the design and development of diesel engines. It talks about combustion and gas exchange processes with important references to emissions and fuel consumption and descriptions of the …

2019 | Book

Two-Phase Flow for Automotive and Power Generation Sectors

This book focuses on the two-phase flow problems relevant in the automotive and power generation sectors. It includes fundamental studies on liquid–gas two-phase interactions, nucleate and film boiling, condensation, cavitation, suspension flows …

2019 | Book

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

This book discusses major technological advances in the treatment and re-use of wastewater. Its focus is on both novel treatment strategies and the modifications and adaptions of conventional processes to optimize the treatment of a complex …

2019 | Book

Green Bio-processes

Enzymes in Industrial Food Processing

This volume discusses recent advancements to the age old practice of using microbial enzymes in the preparation of food. Written by leading experts in the field, it discusses novel enzymes and their applications in the industrial preparation of …

2019 | Book

Nano-Energetic Materials

This book presents the latest research on the area of nano-energetic materials, their synthesis, fabrication, patterning, application and integration with various MEMS systems and platforms. Keeping in mind the applications for this field in …

2019 | Book

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

This book describes the discusses advanced fuels and combustion, emission control techniques, after-treatment systems, simulations and fault diagnostics, including discussions on different engine diagnostic techniques such as particle image …