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Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

Energy, Environment, and Sustainability
48 Volumes | 2018 - 2021



This books series publishes cutting edge monographs and professional books focused on all aspects of energy and environmental sustainability, especially as it relates to energy concerns. The Series is published in partnership with the International Society for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability. The books in these series are edited or authored by top researchers and professional across the globe. The series aims at publishing state-of-the-art research and development in areas including, but not limited to:

• Renewable Energy

• Alternative Fuels

• Engines and Locomotives

• Combustion and Propulsion

• Fossil Fuels

• Carbon Capture

• Control and Automation for Energy

• Environmental Pollution

• Waste Management

• Transportation Sustainability

Review Process

The proposal for each volume is reviewed by the main editor and/or the advisory board. The chapters in each volume are individually reviewed single blind by expert reviewers (at least four reviews per chapter) and the main editor.

Ethics Statement for this series can be found in the Springer standard guidelines here

All books of the series Energy, Environment, and Sustainability

2019 | Book

Nano-Energetic Materials

This book presents the latest research on the area of nano-energetic materials, their synthesis, fabrication, patterning, application and integration with various MEMS systems and platforms. Keeping in mind the applications for this field in …

2019 | Book

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

This book describes the discusses advanced fuels and combustion, emission control techniques, after-treatment systems, simulations and fault diagnostics, including discussions on different engine diagnostic techniques such as particle image …

2019 | Book

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Challenges, Technologies and Solutions

This book covers the exchange of greenhouse gases in various ecosystems, biomes and climatic zones, and discusses the measurement, modelling and processes involved in these exchange dynamics. It reflects the growing body of knowledge on the …

2019 | Book

Pollutants from Energy Sources

Characterization and Control

This book discusses different aspects of energy consumption and environmental pollution, describing in detail the various pollutants resulting from the utilization of natural resources and their control techniques. It discusses diagnostic …

2019 | Book

Energy Sustainability in Built and Urban Environments

This book covers different aspects of energy sustainability in residential buildings and neighborhoods, starting from the construction and design aspects, and moving on to HVAC systems and lighting, and the applications, harvesting, use and …

2019 | Book

Methanol and the Alternate Fuel Economy

This book discusses the emerging research centred on using methanol- whose excellent fuel properties, easy production and relative compatibility with existing technology- make it attractive to researchers looking to alternative fuels to meet the …

2019 | Book

Sensors for Automotive and Aerospace Applications

This volume covers the various sensors related to automotive and aerospace sectors, discussing their properties as well as how they are realized, calibrated and deployed. Written by experts in the field, it provides a ready reference to product …

2019 | Book

CO2 Separation, Purification and Conversion to Chemicals and Fuels

This book presents the recent research on the separation, purification and downstream utilization of CO2 and other flue gases. Chapters include a detailed discussion on the purification and further conversion of CO2 to commodity chemicals and …

2019 | Book

Engine Exhaust Particulates

This book provides a comparative analysis of both diesel and gasoline engine particulates, and also of the emissions resulting from the use of alternative fuels. Written by respected experts, it offers comprehensive insights into motor vehicle …

2019 | Book

Advances in Solar Energy Research

This book covers major technological advancements in, and evolving applications of, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy systems. Advances in technologies for harnessing solar energy are extensively discussed, with topics including the …

2019 | Book

Natural Gas Engines

For Transportation and Power Generation

This book covers the various advanced reciprocating combustion engine technologies that utilize natural gas and alternative fuels for transportation and power generation applications. It is divided into three major sections consisting of both …

2019 | Book

Automotive Tribology

This book presents a comprehensive study of all important aspects of tribology. It covers issues and their remedies adopted by researchers working on automobile systems. The book is broadly divided in to three sections, viz. (i) new materials for …

2018 | Book

Environmental Contaminants

Measurement, Modelling and Control

This book addresses the measurement of environmental contaminants in water, air, and soil. It also presents modifications of and improvements to existing control technologies for remediation of environmental contaminants. It covers improved …

2018 | Book

Prospects of Alternative Transportation Fuels

This book discusses different types of alternative fuels, including biodiesel, alcohol, synthetic fuels, compressed natural gas (CNG) and its blend with hydrogen, HCNG, and provides detailed information on the utilization of these alternative …

2018 | Book

Applications of Solar Energy

This book focuses on solar-energy-based renewable energy systems and discusses the generation of electric power using solar photovoltaics, as well as some new techniques, such as solar towers, for both residential and commercial needs. Such …

2018 | Book

Advances in Internal Combustion Engine Research

This book discusses all aspects of advanced engine technologies, and describes the role of alternative fuels and solution-based modeling studies in meeting the increasingly higher standards of the automotive industry.

2018 | Book

Biosynthetic Technology and Environmental Challenges

This book provides a comprehensive review of biosynthetic approaches to the production of industrially important chemicals and the environmental challenges involved. Its 19 chapters discuss different aspects of biosynthetic technology from the …

2018 | Book

Waste Bioremediation

This book discusses the bioremediation of both solid and liquid waste, including regional solutions for India as well as globally relevant applications. The topics covered include pollutant reduction through composting, solutions for petroleum …

2018 | Book

Sustainable Energy and Transportation

Technologies and Policy

This book presents an integrated approach to sustainably fulfilling energy requirements, considering various energy-usage sectors and applicable technologies in those sectors. It discusses smart cities, focusing on the design of urban transport …

2018 | Book

Waste to Wealth

This book focuses on value addition to various waste streams, which include industrial waste, agricultural waste, and municipal solid and liquid waste. It addresses the utilization of waste to generate valuable products such as electricity, fuel …