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02-11-2017 | Engine Technology | News | Article

Off-Highway Engines from MTU with Electric Turbocharging as of 2021

Patrick Schäfer

Starting in 2021, Rolls-Royce will be launching off-highway engines with electric turbocharging under its MTU brand. Fuel consumption and emissions are to be reduced with the fast-responding turbo engines.

The electrically assisted turbocharging of off-highway combustion engines above the 450 kW power range from G+L innotec is patented and not yet available on the market. Rolls-Royce has acquired the exclusive rights of use from G+L innotec and plans to offer the technology in its MTU brand engines.

The turbocharger receives electrical assistance from a permanent magnet mounted in front of the compressor wheel, and the electrical winding is integrated into the compressor housing. This arrangement does not hinder the air drawn in by the compressor while cooling the electrical components with the air at the same time. The so-called media gap motor is characterised by the large gap between the magnet and the winding. It requires specially adapted power electronics to prevent any aerodynamic impact on the charger.

Off-highway engine with electric turbocharging expected in 2021

The electrically powered turbocharger is suitable for gas and diesel engines. The engines will go into series production for ships, emergency gensets and land vehicles in 2021. This should significantly increase the throttle response of marine engines, for example, as well as the load response of generator drives. “Electrically-assisted charging is a milestone on the way to the hybridising of the engine. Using this technology, it will be possible for us to develop agile, low-consumption engines”, says Dr. Johannes Kech, Director of Development Turbocharging & Fluid Systems at MTU.

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