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Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials
91 Volumes | 1999 - 2021


This series provides topical information on innovative, structural and functional materials and composites with applications in optical, electrical, mechanical, civil, aeronautical, medical, bio- and nano-engineering. The individual volumes are complete, comprehensive monographs covering the structure, properties, manufacturing process and applications of these materials. This multidisciplinary series is devoted to professionals, students and all those interested in the latest developments in the Materials Science field, that look for a carefully selected collection of high quality review articles on their respective field of expertise.

All books of the series Engineering Materials

2021 | Book

Toroidal Metamaterials

Fundamentals, Devices, and Applications

This book provides an overview of the use of toroidal moments. This includes methods of excitation, numerical analysis, and experimental measurements of associating structures. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the fundamental physics …

2021 | Book

Adsorption at Natural Minerals/Water Interfaces

This book introduces the latest research regarding the adsorption of heavy metals, toxic ions, and organic compounds at the interfaces of water/minerals, such as mineralogical characterizations, surface chemistry, and modification of natural …

2021 | Book

Contemporary Nanomaterials in Material Engineering Applications

This book covers remarkable contemporary nanomaterials such as carbon nanomaterials, nanoclays, quantum dots, MXene, and metal-organic frameworks. Each chapter discusses the synthesis techniques, characterization methods, properties, and the …

2021 | Book

Advances in Hybrid Conducting Polymer Technology

This book presents synthesis methods, characterization techniques, properties and applications of hybrid conducting polymers. Special emphasis is given to the applications of hybrid conductive polymers, with chapters ranging from electronic …

2020 | Book

Black Phosphorus

Synthesis, Properties and Applications

This book exhibits novel semiconductor black phosphorous (BP) materials that are developed beyond other 2D materials (graphene and TMDs). It accurately reviews their manufacture strategies, properties, characterization techniques and different …

2020 | Book

Self-standing Substrates

Materials and Applications

This book systematically describes free-standing films and self-supporting nanoarrays growing on rigid and flexible substrates, and discusses the numerous applications in electronics, energy generation and storage in detail. The chapters present …

2020 | Book

Emerging Research in Science and Engineering Based on Advanced Experimental and Computational Strategies

In this book, the authors discuss some of the main challenges and new opportunities in science and engineering research, which involve combining computational and experimental approaches as a promising strategy for arriving at new insights into …

2020 | Book

Nanostructured Materials

This book discusses the early stages of the development of nanostructures, including synthesis techniques, growth mechanisms, the physics and chemistry of nanostructured materials, various innovative characterization techniques, the need for …

2020 | Book

Integrative Nanomedicine for New Therapies

This book presents current laboratory, scientific and clinical aspects of nanomaterials used for medical applications in the fields of regenerative medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. It gives a broad overview of the in vitro compatibility …

2020 | Book

Surface Engineering of Modern Materials

This book focuses on surface engineering of a wide range of modern materials such as smart alloys, light metals, polymers, and composites etc. for their improved manufacturability. It discusses the effect of surface engineering processes namely …

2020 | Book

Representation Surfaces for Physical Properties of Materials

A Visual Approach to Understanding Anisotropic Materials

This textbook presents all the mathematical and physical concepts needed to visualize and understand representation surfaces, providing readers with a reliable and intuitive understanding of the behavior and properties of anisotropic materials …

2020 | Book

Nanostructured Metal-Oxide Electrode Materials for Water Purification

Fabrication, Electrochemistry and Applications

This book reports on the development of nanostructured metal-oxide-based electrode materials for use in water purification. The removal of organic pollutants and heavy metals from wastewater is a growing environmental and societal priority. This …

2020 | Book

Mechanics of Metamaterials with Negative Parameters

This book discusses bulk solids that derive their mechanical properties not from those of their base materials, but from their designed microstructures. Focusing on the negative mechanical properties, it addresses topics that reveal the …

2020 | Book

MXenes and MXenes-based Composites

Processing and Applications

In this book, the authors cover the recent progress in the synthesis, characterization and application of various multi-layered carbides, carbonitrides and nitrides. Moreover, the processing and development of MXene-based composites are …

2020 | Book

Engineering of Thermoplastic Elastomer with Graphene and Other Anisotropic Nanofillers

This book is an effort to tether all the exuberant observations on adding nanomaterial in the TPE matrix. With an enhanced processing property along with amplified recyclability and reprocessing feature, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) proves to be …

2019 | Book

Current Trends in Boriding


This book presents the most important thermochemical and physical techniques of boriding. The formation and characterization of different boride layers or boride coatings are compared in this book. The author analyzes the technological aspects of …

2019 | Book

Ionic Polymer Metal Composites for Sensors and Actuators

This book discusses the fundamental of bending actuation with a focus on ionic metal composites. It describes the applications of ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) actuators, from conventional robotic systems to compliant micro robotic systems …

2019 | Book

Environmentally Friendly Zeolites

Synthesis and Source Materials

This book details zeolites, their structures and the parameters that influence their synthesis, providing a new and actual perspective of this field. Following this, the authors show different processes used to synthesize zeolites using residues …

2019 | Book

Thermal Processes in Welding

This book describes and systemizes analytical and numerical solutions for a broad range of instantaneous and continuous, stationary and moving, concentrated and distributed, 1D, 2D and 3D heat sources in semi-infinite bodies, thick plane layers …

2019 | Book

Mechanical Properties of Silicon Based Compounds: Silicides

This book focuses on the mechanical properties of silicides for very large scale integration (VLSI) applications. It presents the fabrication process for bulk silicides and thin films, and list complete testing deformation for a variety of silicon …