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Engineering with Computers

Engineering with Computers 1/2019

Issue 1/2019

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

18-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

ARTMe: a new array-based algorithm for Adaptive Refinement of Triangle Meshes

Jéferson Coêlho, Marcelo Gattass, Hélio Lopes

13-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Maximizing the first eigenfrequency of structures subjected to uniform boundary erosion through the level set method

Zhenhua Li, Tielin Shi, Liang Xia, Qi Xia

13-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Designing a fuzzy cognitive map to evaluate drilling and blasting problems of the tunneling projects in Iran

E. Bakhtavar, Y. Shirvand

16-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Proposing a novel hybrid intelligent model for the simulation of particle size distribution resulting from blasting

S. Farid F. Mojtahedi, Isa Ebtehaj, Mahdi Hasanipanah, Hossein Bonakdari, Hassan Bakhshandeh Amnieh

18-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Automatic evaluation of plastic collapse conditions for planar frames with vertical irregularities

A. Greco, F. Cannizzaro, A. Pluchino

09-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

A haar wavelet approximation for two-dimensional time fractional reaction–subdiffusion equation

Ömer Oruç, Alaattin Esen, Fatih Bulut

06-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Numerical solution of a time-fractional PDE in the electroanalytical chemistry by a local meshless method

Gholamreza Karamali, Mehdi Dehghan, Mostafa Abbaszadeh

09-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Solving viscoelastic problems with cyclic symmetry via a temporally adaptive EFG-SB partitioning algorithm

Xiaofeng Guo, Haitian Yang

31-01-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Crash analysis of lithium-ion batteries using finite element based neural search analytical models

V. Vijayaraghavan, Li Shui, Akhil Garg, Xiongbin Peng, Vikas Pratap Singh

02-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

A new fast convergent iteration regularization method

Linjun Wang, Youxiang Xie, Zhengjia Wu, Yixian Du, Kongde He

10-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Metamodelling of wheel–rail normal contact in railway crossings with elasto-plastic material behaviour

Rostyslav Skrypnyk, Jens C. O. Nielsen, Magnus Ekh, Björn A. Pålsson

26-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Gradient-enhanced kriging for high-dimensional problems

Mohamed A. Bouhlel, Joaquim R. R. A. Martins

16-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Application of dual-Chebyshev wavelets for the numerical solution of boundary integral equations with logarithmic singular kernels

Pouria Assari, Mehdi Dehghan

16-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Evaluating unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils stabilized with geopolymer: a computational intelligence approach

Hamed Javdanian, Saro Lee

15-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Adaptive analysis of plates and laminates using natural neighbor Galerkin meshless method

Basant Kumar, Madhukar Somireddy, Amirtham Rajagopal

24-02-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Non-classical plate model for FGMs

Marzieh Alizadeh, A. M. Fattahi

10-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Semi-analytical solution for time-fractional diffusion equation based on finite difference method of lines (MOL)

Saeed Kazem, Mehdi Dehghan

03-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019 Open Access

Three hybrid intelligent models in estimating flyrock distance resulting from blasting

Mohammadreza Koopialipoor, Ali Fallah, Danial Jahed Armaghani, Aydin Azizi, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad

07-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Geometry simplification of open-cell porous materials for elastic deformation FEA

Camilo Cortés, Maria Osorno, David Uribe, Holger Steeb, Oscar Ruiz-Salguero, Iñigo Barandiarán, Julián Flórez

15-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Parts internal structure definition using non-uniform patterned lattice optimization for mass reduction in additive manufacturing

Laurent Chougrani, Jean-Philippe Pernot, Philippe Véron, Stéphane Abed

13-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Application of meshless SWE model to moving wet/dry front problems

Tai-Wen Hsu, Shin-Jye Liang, Nan-Jing Wu

12-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

The effect of ICA and PSO on ANN results in approximating elasticity modulus of rock material

Hua Tian, Jisen Shu, Liu Han

16-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Development of a novel soft-computing framework for the simulation aims: a case study

Wei Gao, Masoud Karbasi, Ali Mahmodi Derakhsh, Ahmad Jalili

24-03-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Automated low-order to high-order mesh conversion

Jeremy Ims, Z. J. Wang

23-04-2018 | Original Article | Issue 1/2019

Unsaturated soil slope characterization with Karhunen–Loève and polynomial chaos via Bayesian approach

Hao-Qing Yang, Lulu Zhang, Jianfeng Xue, Jie Zhang, Xu Li

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