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Engineering with Computers

Engineering with Computers 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

22-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

A new numerical approach and visco-refined zigzag theory for blast analysis of auxetic honeycomb plates integrated by multiphase nanocomposite facesheets in hygrothermal environment

Mohammad Hadi Hajmohammad, Amir Hossein Nouri, Mohammad Sharif Zarei, Reza Kolahchi

24-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

An improved pseudospectral meshless radial point interpolation (PSMRPI) method for 3D wave equation with variable coefficients

Elyas Shivanian, Malihe Shaban

24-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Analytical mathematical solution for vibrational response of postbuckled laminated FG-GPLRC nonlocal strain gradient micro-/nanobeams

S. Sahmani, A. M. Fattahi, N. A. Ahmed

24-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Overbreak prediction and optimization in tunnel using neural network and bee colony techniques

Mohammadreza Koopialipoor, Ebrahim Noroozi Ghaleini, Mojtaba Haghighi, Sujith Kanagarajan, Parviz Maarefvand, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad

31-10-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Simulating the peak particle velocity in rock blasting projects using a neuro-fuzzy inference system

Wenchao Jiang, Chelang A. Arslan, Mehran Soltani Tehrani, Majid Khorami, Mahdi Hasanipanah

26-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Fuzzy multivariate mean square error in equispaced pareto frontiers considering manufacturing process optimization problems

Juliana Helena Daroz Gaudêncio, Fabrício Alves de Almeida, Rachel Campos Sabioni, João Batista Turrioni, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, Paulo Henrique da Silva Campos

19-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Limited descent-based mean value method for inverse reliability analysis

Zaher Mundher Yaseen, Behrooz Keshtegar

30-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Scalable discrete adjoint for the transient Savage–Hutter equation on the primal consistent adaptive grid

Hossein Aghakhani, Abani K. Patra

27-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Modified symbiotic organisms search for structural optimization

Sumit Kumar, Ghanshyam G. Tejani, Seyedali Mirjalili

06-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Galerkin’s approach for buckling analysis of functionally graded anisotropic nanoplates/different boundary conditions

Behrouz Karami, Maziar Janghorban, Abdelouahed Tounsi

06-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

The local discontinuous Galerkin method for 2D nonlinear time-fractional advection–diffusion equations

Jafar Eshaghi, Saeed Kazem, Hojjatollah Adibi

29-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Modification of rock mass rating system using soft computing techniques

Hima Nikafshan Rad, Zakaria Jalali

03-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

A novel hybrid PSO–GWO algorithm for optimization problems

Fatih Ahmet Şenel, Fatih Gökçe, Asım Sinan Yüksel, Tuncay Yiğit

30-11-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

On modeling of wave propagation in a thermally affected GNP-reinforced imperfect nanocomposite shell

Farzad Ebrahimi, Mostafa Habibi, Hamed Safarpour

08-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

The numerical solution of fractional differential equations using the Volterra integral equation method based on thin plate splines

Pouria Assari, Salvatore Cuomo

06-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

New approach to mimic rheological actual shear rate under wall slip condition

Ren Jie Chin, Sai Hin Lai, Shaliza Ibrahim, Wan Zurina Wan Jaafar, Ahmed Hussein Kamel Ahmed Elshafie

14-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Prediction of rock interlocking by developing two hybrid models based on GA and fuzzy system

Bhatawdekar Ramesh Murlidhar, Munir Ahmed, Dinesh Mavaluru, Ahmed Faisal Siddiqi, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad

11-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Solving fractional pantograph delay differential equations via fractional-order Boubaker polynomials

Kobra Rabiei, Yadollah Ordokhani

08-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Hypotrochoid spiral optimization approach for sizing and layout optimization of truss structures with multiple frequency constraints

A. Kaveh, S. Mahjoubi

17-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Applying several soft computing techniques for prediction of bearing capacity of driven piles

Sadulla Shaik, K. Sri Rama Krishna, Mazhar Abbas, Munir Ahmed, Dinesh Mavaluru

14-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

A novel scheduling with multi-criteria for high-performance computing systems: an improved genetic algorithm-based approach

Tarun Biswas, Pratyay Kuila, Anjan Kumar Ray

17-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Nonlinear primary resonance of imperfect spiral stiffened functionally graded cylindrical shells surrounded by damping and nonlinear elastic foundation

Habib Ahmadi

19-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

Refined first-order reliability method using cross-entropy optimization method

Hamed Ghohani Arab, Mohsen Rashki, Mehdi Rostamian, Alireza Ghavidel, Hossein Shahraki, Behrooz Keshtegar

14-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

An intelligent based-model role to simulate the factor of safe slope by support vector regression

Puteri Azura Sari, Meldi Suhatril, Normaniza Osman, M. A. Mu’azu, Hamzeh Dehghani, Yadollah Sedghi, Maryam Safa, Mahdi Hasanipanah, Karzan Wakil, Majid Khorami, Stefan Djuric

12-12-2018 | Original Article | Issue 4/2019

A multivariate normal boundary intersection PCA-based approach to reduce dimensionality in optimization problems for LBM process

Gabriela Belinato, Fabrício Alves de Almeida, Anderson Paulo de Paiva, José Henrique de Freitas Gomes, Pedro Paulo Balestrassi, Pedro Alexandre Rodrigues Carvalho Rosa

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