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21-11-2022 | Original Article

An enhanced hybrid seagull optimization algorithm with its application in engineering optimization

Aiming at the problems such as slow search speed, low optimization accuracy, and premature convergence of standard seagull optimization algorithm, an enhanced hybrid strategy seagull optimization algorithm was proposed. First, chaos mapping is …

20-11-2022 | Original Article

Numerical simulations of a vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbine with different blade-strut configurations under free-surface effects

A numerical study of the free-surface flow over a vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbine with different blade-strut configurations is presented in this paper. The set of equations governing this multi-fluid flow consists of the Navier–Stokes equations …

18-11-2022 | Original Article

Novel topological and geometrical modelling of N-frequency geodesic icosahedron tensegrities

We propose a novel graph-theoretical method for efficient generation of the topological structure of N-frequency geodesic icosahedron tensegrities. The method only requires the adjacency list of edges of an N-frequency icosahedron, and using a …

18-11-2022 | Original Article

Non-probabilistic thermo-elastic reliability-based topology optimization (NTE-RBTO) of composite laminates with interval uncertainties

This study investigates a non-probabilistic thermo-elastic reliability-based topology optimization (NTE-RBTO) scheme for the lightweight design of composite laminates under thermo-elastic loads with unknown-but-bounded (UBB) parameters. The …

16-11-2022 | Original Article

A cell-based smoothed finite-element method for gradient elasticity

In this paper, the cell-based smoothed finite-element method (CS-FEM) is proposed for solving boundary value problems of gradient elasticity in two and three dimensions. The salient features of the CS-FEM are: it does not require an explicit form …

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