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Engineering with Computers

An International Journal for Simulation-Based Engineering

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21-09-2019 | Original Article

Numerical investigation based on radial basis function–finite-difference (RBF–FD) method for solving the Stokes–Darcy equations

A meshless method is presented to numerically study an interface problem between a flow in a porous medium governed by Darcy equations and a fluid flow, governed by Stokes equations. In fact, the domain of the problem has two parts, one governed …

20-09-2019 | Original Article

Recognition and classification of protrusion features on thin-wall parts for mold flow analysis

Thin-wall plastic parts exist in many products and are frequently manufactured by injection molding. The inner surface of a thin-wall part has many functional and structural features, typically divided into depressions and protrusions. While …

17-09-2019 | Original Article

The parameterized level set method for structural topology optimization with shape sensitivity constraint factor

In recent years, the parameterized level set method (PLSM) has attracted widespread attention for its good stability, high efficiency and the smooth result of topology optimization compared with the conventional level set method. In the PLSM, the …

10-09-2019 | Original Article

A meshless method to solve nonlinear variable-order time fractional 2D reaction–diffusion equation involving Mittag-Leffler kernel

In this paper, an efficient and accurate meshless method based on the moving least squares (MLS) shape functions is developed to solve the generalized variable-order (V-O) time fractional nonlinear 2D reaction–diffusion equation. The V-O …

10-09-2019 | Original Article

GA-SVR: a novel hybrid data-driven model to simulate vertical load capacity of driven piles

Piles are widely applied to substructures of various infrastructural buildings. Soil has a complex nature; thus, a variety of empirical models have been proposed for the prediction of the bearing capacity of piles. The aim of this study is to …

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Engineering with Computers is an international journal for simulation-based engineering. It publishes original papers and authoritative state-of-the-art reviews on the technologies supporting simulation-based engineering, and examples of operational simulation-based engineering systems. A partial list of the technical areas covered includes: adaptive simulation techniques, engineering databases, integration with CAD geometry, mesh generation, parallel simulation methods, simulation frameworks, user interface technologies and visualization techniques. Application areas covered include any to which engineering technologies are applied and will range from applications in the automotive industry, to the design of medical devices.

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