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2017 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Environment and Remediation Applications

Authors : Mohab Anis, Ghada AlTaher, Wesam Sarhan, Mona Elsemary

Published in: Nanovate

Publisher: Springer International Publishing


Environmental pollution is an increasingly alarming issue that has recently drawn a lot of attention. Pollution has resulted in the outbreak of a lot of diseases including cancers, Alzheimer’s, chronic lung allergies and numerous infectious diseases worldwide. It has resulted in the loss of a lot of ecosystems and in the depletion of biodiversity with the extinction of a great number of species of plants, insects and animals. Pollution has also resulted in the global warming effect with significant effects on the weather and worldwide climate. This has lead scientists to develop recycling, remediation and environment cleaning methods to help reduce such disastrous environmental effects. Since nanotechnology is a new and fascinating technology that offers small size, low cost and high efficiency, it has drawn attention to its potential usefulness in the fields of pollutant sensing, remediation, contaminant removals and recycling. Many companies have designed nanomaterials or nanotechnological processes that offer more efficient environmental solutions than conventional processes and have succeeded in reaching worldwide markets and undertaking global remediation projects.

Environment and Remediation Applications
Mohab Anis
Ghada AlTaher
Wesam Sarhan
Mona Elsemary
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