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Environmental Management

Environmental Management 1/2008

Issue 1/2008

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Environmental Impact Assessment Under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act: Deliberative Democracy in Canada’s North?

Patricia Fitzpatrick, A. John Sinclair, Bruce Mitchell

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Land Degradation on Barren Hills: A Case Study in Northeast Vietnam

Nina Nikolic, Rainer Schultze-Kraft, Miroslav Nikolic, Reinhard Böcker, Ingo Holz

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Developing and Implementing Multiple-Use Forest Management Planning in Turkey

Emin Zeki Baskent, Salih Terzioğlu, Şağdan Başkaya

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

An Evaluation of the Effects of Soil Characteristics on Mitigation and Restoration Involving Blue Elderberry, Sambucus mexicana

Molly Koch-Munz, Marcel Holyoak

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Changes in Forest Area Along Stream Networks in an Agricultural Catchment of the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon

Stacy D. Jupiter, Guy S. Marion

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Diffusion of Policy Discourse into Rural Spheres Through Co-Management of State Forestlands: Two Cases from West Java, Indonesia

Hideyuki Kubo

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Fishers, Farms, and Forests in Eastern North America

Pamela A. Lancaster, Jeff Bowman, Bruce A. Pond

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Private Sector Participation in Urban Water and Sanitation Provision in Ghana: Experiences from the Tamale Metropolitan Area (TMA)

Issaka Kanton Osumanu

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Iron Ore Industry Emissions as a Potential Ecological Risk Factor for Tropical Coastal Vegetation

Kacilda N. Kuki, Marco A. Oliva, Eduardo G. Pereira

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Assessment of Economic and Water Quality Impacts of Land Use Change Using a Simple Bioeconomic Model

Gandhi Bhattarai, Puneet Srivastava, Luke Marzen, Diane Hite, Upton Hatch

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

River-Stream Connectivity Affects Fish Bioassessment Performance

Nathaniel P. Hitt, Paul L. Angermeier

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Establishing Green Roof Infrastructure Through Environmental Policy Instruments

Timothy Carter, Laurie Fowler

01-07-2008 | Issue 1/2008

Assessing and Prioritizing Ecological Communities for Monitoring in a Regional Habitat Conservation Plan

Lauren A. Hierl, Janet Franklin, Douglas H. Deutschman, Helen M. Regan, Brenda S. Johnson

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