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Environmental Management 1/2022
Environmental Management

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (15 Articles)


The Changes in Climate Change Concern, Responsibility Assumption and Impact on Climate-friendly Behaviour in EU from the Paris Agreement Until 2019
Miglė Jakučionytė-Skodienė, Genovaitė Liobikienė


Natural Resource Managers Use and Value Western-Based Science, but Barriers to Access Persist
Morgan L. Piczak, Andrew N. Kadykalo, Steven J. Cooke, Nathan Young

Open Access 11-10-2021

Have farmers had enough of experts?
Niki A. Rust, Petra Stankovics, Rebecca M. Jarvis, Zara Morris-Trainor, Jasper R. de Vries, Julie Ingram, Jane Mills, Jenny A. Glikman, Joy Parkinson, Zoltan Toth, Regina Hansda, Rob McMorran, Jayne Glass, Mark S. Reed


Variations in Groundwater Level and Microtopography Influence Desert Plant Communities in Shallow Aquifer Areas
Ricardo Mata-González, Joshua P. Averett, Mohamed A. B. Abdallah, David W. Martin


The Influence of a Climate Change Narrative on the Stated Preferences for Long-term Groundwater Management
Grant H. West, Kent F. Kovacs, Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants: Gap, Challenges, and Opportunities in Environmental Management
Ricardo Herrera-Navarrete, Arturo Colín-Cruz, Hilda Janet Arellano-Wences, María Laura Sampedro-Rosas, José Luis Rosas-Acevedo, América Libertad Rodríguez-Herrera

Open Access 03-12-2021

The Presence of Denitrifiers In Bacterial Communities of Urban Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Natalie C. Hall, Masoumeh Sikaroodi, Dianna Hogan, R. Christian Jones, Patrick M. Gillevet


Assessment of Water Quality Parameters and their Seasonal Behaviour in a Portuguese Water Supply System: a 6-year Monitoring Study
Raquel S. Chaves, Daniel Salvador, Paulo Nogueira, Miguel M. Santos, Paula Aprisco, Célia Neto, Vítor Cardoso, Maria J. Benoliel, João E. Rodrigues, Rui N. Carneiro


The Possibility of Consensus Regarding Climate Change Adaptation Policies in Agriculture and Forestry among Stakeholder Groups in the Czech Republic
Miroslav Trnka, Lenka Bartošová, Ioanna Grammatikopoulou, Petr Havlík, Jørgen E. Olesen, Petr Hlavinka, Michal V. Marek, Davina Vačkářová, Arne Skjelvåg, Zdeněk Žalud

Open Access 29-09-2021

Identifying Priorities, Targets, and Actions for the Long-term Social and Ecological Management of Invasive Non-Native Species
Pablo García-Díaz, Lía Montti, Priscila Ana Powell, Euan Phimister, José Cristóbal Pizarro, Laura Fasola, Bárbara Langdon, Aníbal Pauchard, Eduardo Raffo, Joselyn Bastías, Gabriella Damasceno, Alessandra Fidelis, Magdalena F. Huerta, Eirini Linardaki, Jaime Moyano, Martín A. Núñez, María Ignacia Ortiz, Ignacio Rodríguez-Jorquera, Ignacio Roesler, Jorge A. Tomasevic, David F. R. P. Burslem, Mário Cava, Xavier Lambin

Open Access 14-10-2021

Farm-Level Effects of Emissions Tax and Adjustable Drainage on Peatlands
Tuomo Purola, Heikki Lehtonen


Wealth and Education Influences on Spatial Pattern of Tree Planting in a Tropical Metropolis in Brazil
Miho Takakura, Klécia Gili Massi


Biosolids in Western Canada: A Case Study on Public Risk Perception and Factors Influencing Public Attitudes
Sarah Whitehouse, Panagiotis Tsigaris, Joel Wood, Lauchlan H. Fraser


Phytoattenuation of Cd, Pb, and Zn in a Slag-contaminated Soil Amended with Rice Straw Biochar and Grown with Energy Maize
Venâncio de Lima Veloso, Fernando Bruno Vieira da Silva, Nielson Machado dos Santos, Clístenes Williams Araújo do Nascimento


Recycling Nutrients and Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Baltic Sea Region—Sustainable or Economically Infeasible?
Gustav Marquard Callesen, Søren Marcus Pedersen, Johannes Carolus, Solveig Johannesdottir, Jesica Murcia López, Erik Kärrman, Turo Hjerppe, Karina Barquet