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Environmental Management 2/2022
Environmental Management

Issue 2/2022


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

Open Access 09-01-2022

Making a Difference: Planning for Engaged Participation in Environmental Research
Daniel B. Ferguson, Alison M. Meadow, Henry P. Huntington


Evaluating the role of spatial landscape literacy in public participation processes and opinions on environmental issues and ecosystem services
Francisco J. Escobedo, Marius Bottin, Nicola Clerici, Salamanca Guibor Camargo, Alejandro Feged-Rivadeneira


Connections among Puget Sound Residents’ Psychological Restoration from Natural Environments, Place Attachment, and Beliefs about Environmental Governance
Whitney Fleming, Mark Needham, Kelly Biedenweg

Open Access 30-11-2021

Combining Stakeholder- and Social Network- Analysis to Improve Regional Nature Conservation: A Case Study from Osnabrück, Germany
Felix Przesdzink, Laura Mae Herzog, Florian Fiebelkorn


Perceptions of Social Network Influence: Key Players’ Insights Into Power, Conflict, and Collaboration at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Michael P. Blacketer, Matthew T. J. Brownlee, Brenda B. Bowen


Falling “fortresses”: Unlocking Governance Entanglements and Shifting Knowledge Paradigms to Counter Climate Change Threats in Biodiversity Conservation
Aditya Ghosh, Amrita Sen, Kaberi Dutta, Priyanka Ghosh


Identification of Areas Highly Vulnerable to Land Conversion: A Case Study From Southern Thailand
Naruemon Tantipisanuh, George A. Gale


Legalization of Cannabis and Agricultural Frontier Expansion
Mark Klassen, Brandon P. Anthony


Dual Discounting in Renewable Resource Planning under Risk
Mo Zhou

Open Access 08-12-2021

Evaluation of Water Provision Ecosystem Services Associated with Land Use/Cover and Climate Variability in the Winike Watershed, Omo Gibe Basin of Ethiopia
Abreham Berta Aneseyee, Teshome Soromessa, Eyasu Elias, Tomasz Noszczyk, Gudina Legese Feyisa


Identifying and Aligning Ecosystem Services and Beneficiaries Associated with Best Management Practices in Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Ryann Rossi, Carin Bisland, Leah Sharpe, Emily Trentacoste, Bo Williams, Susan Yee


Participatory Causal Loop Mapping of the Adoption of Organic Farming in Nigeria
Jelili Adegboyega Adebiyi, Laura Schmitt Olabisi

Open Access 29-11-2021

Long Arm of Motorway—The Impact of Fenced Road on the Mortality of European Badgers
Krzysztof Nowakowski, Agnieszka Ważna, Przemysław Kurek, Jan Cichocki, Jacek Bojarski, Grzegorz Gabryś


Investigating Changes Driving Cumulative Impacts on Native Vegetation in Mining Regions in the Northeastern Brazilian Amazon
Juliana Siqueira-Gay, Diogo Santos, Wilson R. Nascimento Jr., Pedro Walfir M. Souza-Filho, Luis Enrique Sánchez