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Environmental Management 3/2022
Environmental Management

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (12 Articles)


Biodiversity in Times of COVID-19 and its Relationship with the Socio-Economic and Health Context: A Look from the Digital Media
Angie C. Montenegro-Hoyos, Eduardo A. Muñoz-Carvajal, Britt N. Wallberg, Mylene E. Seguel, Sergio A. Rosales, Natalia A. Viña-Trillos, Denisse S. Torres-Avilés, Alejandro E. Villarroel, Carlos F. Gaymer, Francisco A. Squeo


Resisting-Accepting-Directing: Ecosystem Management Guided by an Ecological Resilience Assessment
Kristen L. Bouska, Nathan R. De Jager, Jeffrey N. Houser

Open Access 04-05-2022

The Role of Different Types of Actors In The Future of Sustainable Agriculture In a Dutch Peri-urban Area
Catharina J. E. Schulp, Franziska Komossa, Laura Scherer, Emma H. van der Zanden, Marta Debolini, Annette Piorr


Nutrient Removal by Floating Treatment Wetlands Under Different Spatial Arrangement Modes: a Field Study
Yanan Qiao, Chao Ma, Kui Xu


Thresholds for Reduction in Fish Growth and Consumption Due to Hypoxia: Implications for Water Quality Guidelines to Protect Aquatic Life
Jordan Rosenfeld, Rachel Lee


Indicators are Relational: Navigating Knowledge and Power in the Development and Implementation of Coastal-Marine Indicators
E. K. Muhl, D. Armitage, J. Silver, T. Swerdfager, H. Thorpe

Open Access 25-06-2022

Does Water Quality Matter for Life Quality? A Study of the Impact of Water Quality on Well-being in a Coastal Community
Ruslan Gunko, Lauri Rapeli, Timo Vuorisalo, Matias Scheinin, Patrik Karell

Open Access 30-06-2022

Climax thinking on the coast: a focus group priming experiment with coastal property owners about climate adaptation
Kate Sherren, Krysta Sutton, Ellen Chappell

Open Access 23-07-2022

Elucidating the Paradox of Regulating Environmental Sustainability (Mis)management and Motivations: The Case of Thai Fisheries
Vinh Sum Chau, Montita Bunsiri


Understanding Fishermen’s Willingness and Preferences for Eco-compensation of Lake Conservation Projects: A Case Study From Nansi Lake Nature Reserve, China
Yang Liu, Jianshu Lv, XianChun Liao, Jingpeng Yan


Influencing Factors of Stereotypes on Wastewater Treatment Plants- Case Study of 9 Wastewater Treatment Plants in Xi’an, China
Hanliang Fu, Jiachen Niu, Zhifang Wu, Pengdong Xue, Meng Sun, Hong Zhu, Baoquan Cheng


Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts of Air Pollution Control on China’s Economy
Zhengjie Chen, Feng Wang, Beibei Liu, Bing Zhang

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