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Environmental Management

Issue 4/2022

Content (10 Articles)

Perceptions on the effectiveness of environmental education programs as environmental licensing tools for port-related enterprise in Brazil

Sara Regina Sampaio de Pontes, Camila Camolesi Guimarães, Tomas Oliver Cornwell, Allan Paul Krelling

Are We Falling Short on Restoring Oysters at a Regional Scale?

Megan K. La Peyre, Danielle A. Marshall, Sarah Catherine L. Buie, Ann Hijuelos, Gregory D. Steyer

Open Access

Of Fears and Budgets: Strategies of Control in Vespa velutina Invasion and Lessons for Best Management Practices

Tamara Pazos, Patricia Álvarez-Figueiró, Jose A. Cortés-Vázquez, María Amalia Jácome, María J. Servia

Open Access

Iconic but Invasive: The Public Perception of the Chinese Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) in Switzerland

Matteo Tonellotto, Vincent Fehr, Marco Conedera, Marcel Hunziker, Gianni Boris Pezzatti

Open Access

Criteria for Preliminary Risk Assessment of Brownfield Site: An International Survey of Experts

Charf Mahammedi, Lamine Mahdjoubi, Colin Booth, Russell Bowman, Talib E. Butt