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Environmental Management

Issue 4/2023

Content (16 Articles)

Estimation of Anthropogenic VOCs Emission Based on Volatile Chemical Products: A Canadian Perspective

Zunaira Asif, Zhi Chen, Fariborz Haghighat, Fuzhan Nasiri, Jinxin Dong

Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Harvey on the Neches-Brakes Bayou River System in Beaumont, Texas

Balaji Rao, Danny Reible, Dimitrios Athanasiou, Helen H. Lou, Renzun Zhao, Jian Fang, Ilektra Drygiannaki, Kayleigh Millerick, Nahirobe Barragan, Giovanna Pagnozzi

Toward Collaborative Adaptation: Assessing Impacts of Coastal Flooding at the Watershed Scale

Allison Mitchell, Anamaria Bukvic, Yang Shao, Jennifer L. Irish, Daniel L. McLaughlin

Variability in Nutrient Dissipation in a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Patagonia: A Two-Year Overview

Luz María Manzo, Luis Beltrán Epele, Cristina Natalia Horak, Yanina Andrea Assef, María Laura Miserendino

Adsorption of the First-Line Covid Treatment Analgesic onto Activated Carbon from Residual Pods of Erythrina Speciosa

Jordana Georgin, Dison S. P. Franco, Matias S. Netto, Mohammad Saood Manzar, Mukarram Zubair, Lucas Meili, Daniel G. A. Piccilli, Luis F. O. Silva

Remediation of Chromium (VI) from Contaminated Agricultural Soil Using Modified Biochars

Asha Siddika, Md Mahfuz Islam, Zakia Parveen, Md Faruque Hossain

Green Environment-Social Protection Interaction and Food Security in Africa

Romanus Osabohien, Alhassan Abdul-wakeel Karakara, Junaid Ashraf, Mamdouh Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Faryan

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