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Environmental Management

Issue 6/2022

Content (14 Articles)

Open Access

Tackling the Science Usability Gap in a Warming World: Co-Producing Useable Climate Information for Natural Resource Management

Molly S. Cross, Lauren E. Oakes, Heidi E. Kretser, Raymond Bredehoft, Paul Dey, Anika Mahoney, Noelle Smith, Ian Tator, Jim Wasseen

Open Access

Using Structured Decision Making to Evaluate Wetland Restoration Opportunities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

David M. Martin, Amy D. Jacobs, Chase McLean, Michelle R. Canick, Kathleen Boomer

Spatial relationships between fishes and amphibians: implications for conservation planning in a Neotropical Hotspot

Amanda Caroline Covre, Ricardo Lourenço-de-Moraes, Felipe Siqueira Campos, Evanilde Benedito

Analysis of Susceptibility to Degradation of Water Ecosystem Services as a Tool for Land Use Planning: a Case Study in a Small Brazilian Watershed

Phelipe da Silva Anjinho, Leonardo Yuri Ragio Barbara Takaku, Carolina Cerqueira Barbosa, Natalia Andricioli Periotto, Frederico Yuri Hanai, Frederico Fábio Mauad

Measuring Spatial Associations between Environmental Health and Beliefs about Environmental Governance

Whitney Fleming, Tyler Hallman, Jamon Van Den Hoek, Steven Mana’oakamai Johnson, Kelly Biedenweg

Characterizing the Biological Community before and after Partial Removal of an Offshore Gas Platform in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Michelle A. Johnston, Marissa F. Nuttall, Emma L. Hickerson, Kelly O’Connell, Raven D. Blakeway, John A. Embesi, Jimmy MacMillan, Douglas Peter, George P. Schmahl

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