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Environmental Management

Issue 6/2023

Content (13 Articles)

Stakeholders’ Interaction in Water Management System: Insights from a MACTOR Analysis in the R’Dom Sub-basin, Morocco

Mohamed Ben-Daoud, Badr El Mahrad, Gabriela Adina Moroșanu, Ismail Elhassnaoui, Aniss Moumen, Lhoussaine El Mezouary, Mohamed ELbouhaddioui, Ali Essahlaoui, Samir Eljaafari

Citizen Science Improves the Known and Potential Distribution of a Strong Wetland Invader: Implications for Niche Modeling and Invasion Management

Paula Gervazoni, Gianmarco Minuti, Daniela Fuentes-Rodriguez, Julie Coetzee, Alejandro Sosa, Lara Sabater, Celeste Franceschini

Posts Supporting Anti-Environmental Policy in Brazil are Shared More on Social Media

Lucas Rodriguez Forti, Magno Lima de Oliveira Travassos, Diana Coronel-Bejarano, Diego Fernandes Miranda, David Souza, José Sabino, Judit K. Szabo

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