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10-06-2021 | Review Paper

Digitalization of contact tracing: balancing data privacy with public health benefit

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the long-standing public health practice of contact tracing into the public spotlight. While contact tracing and case investigation have been carefully designed to protect privacy, the huge volume of tracing which …

07-06-2021 | Original Paper

What is the ‘personal’ in ‘personal information’?

Contemporary privacy theories and European discussions about data protection employ the notion of ‘personal information’ to designate their areas of concern. The notion of personal information is demarcated from non-personal information—or just …

27-05-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

How to feel about emotionalized artificial intelligence? When robot pets, holograms, and chatbots become affective partners

Interactions between humans and machines that include artificial intelligence are increasingly common in nearly all areas of life. Meanwhile, AI-products are increasingly endowed with emotional characteristics. That is, they are designed and …

17-05-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Is it time for robot rights? Moral status in artificial entities

Some authors have recently suggested that it is time to consider rights for robots. These suggestions are based on the claim that the question of robot rights should not depend on a standard set of conditions for ‘moral status’; but instead, the …

17-05-2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Non-consensual personified sexbots: an intrinsic wrong

Humanoid robots used for sexual purposes (sexbots) are beginning to look increasingly lifelike. It is possible for a user to have a bespoke sexbot created which matches their exact requirements in skin pigmentation, hair and eye colour, body …

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Ethics and Information Technology is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing the dialogue between moral philosophy and the field of information and communication technology (ICT). The journal aims to foster and promote reflection and analysis which is intended to make a constructive contribution to answering the ethical, social and political questions associated with the adoption, use, and development of ICT.

Within the scope of the journal are also conceptual analysis and discussion of ethical ICT issues which arise in the context of technology assessment, cultural studies, public policy analysis and public administration, cognitive science, social and anthropological studies in technology, mass-communication, and legal studies. In addition, the journal features research that deals with the history of ideas and provides intellectual resources for moral and political reflection on ICT.

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