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Eurasian Business Review

Issue 1/2018

Content (7 Articles)

Original Paper

Fading hope and the rise in inequality in the United States

Jo Ritzen, Klaus F. Zimmermann

Original Paper

Technological change and employment: is Europe ready for the challenge?

Mariacristina Piva, Marco Vivarelli


Editorial note: special issue on comparative entrepreneurship

Erik Lehmann, Stefano Paleari, Enrico Santarelli, Silvio Vismara

S.I. : Comparative entrepreneurship

Approaching effects of the economic crisis on university efficiency: a comparative study of Germany and Italy

Erik E. Lehmann, Michele Meoli, Stefano Paleari, Sarah A. E. Stockinger

S.I.: Comparative Entrepreneurship

Sources of knowledge used by entrepreneurial firms in the European high-tech sector

Sara Amoroso, David B. Audretsch, Albert N. Link

S.I. : Comparative entrepreneurship

Tolerance and innovation: the role of institutional and social trust

David B. Audretsch, Nikolaus Seitz, Katherine Margaret Rouch

S.I. : Comparative entrepreneurship

What do crowdfunding platforms do? A comparison between investment-based platforms in Europe

Alice Rossi, Silvio Vismara