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Eurasian Business Review 2/2021
Eurasian Business Review

Issue 2/2021


Table of Contents (7 Articles)

22-07-2020 | Regular Article

Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and R&D intensity as an innovation strategy: a view from different institutional contexts
Isabel Gallego-Álvarez, María Consuelo Pucheta-Martínez

07-07-2020 | Regular Article

Business environment reforms, innovation and firm productivity in transition economies
Teimuraz Gogokhia, George Berulava

10-06-2020 | Regular Article

Multilevel analysis of knowledge sources for product innovation in Russian SMEs
Mariia Molodchik, Carlos Jardon, Ekaterina Yachmeneva

28-05-2020 | Regular Article

Corruption and firm innovation: a grease or sand in the wheels of commerce? Evidence from lower-middle and upper-middle income economies
Chei Bukari, Emm anuel Atta Anaman

22-09-2020 | Regular Article

Board diversity, financial flexibility and corporate innovation: evidence from China
Haroon ur Rashid Khan, Waqas Bin Khidmat, Sadia Awan

19-02-2020 | Regular Article

Religion and corporate tax compliance: evidence from Chinese Taoism and Buddhism
Jinghua Wang, Jiankun Lu

03-04-2020 | Regular Article

Sticky cost behavior: evidence from small and medium sized enterprises in Turkey
Hakan Özkaya

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