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Eurasian Business Review

Issue 2/2022

Content (7 Articles)

Open Access Regular Article

Firms’ distance to the European productivity frontier

Dolores Añón Higón, Juan A. Máñez, María E. Rochina-Barrachina, Amparo Sanchis, Juan A. Sanchis

Open Access Regular Article

Knowledge resources and the acquisition of spinouts

Pamela Adams, Roberto Fontana, Franco Malerba

Open Access Regular Article

Manager gender, entrepreneurial orientation and SMEs export and import propensities: evidence for Spanish businesses

Alfonso Expósito, Amparo Sanchis-Llopis, Juan A. Sanchis-Llopis

Regular Article

The role of gender and succession on the debt adjustments of family firm capital structure

Filipe Sardo, Elisabete S. Vieira, Zélia Serrasqueiro