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Eurasian Business Review 3/2020
Eurasian Business Review

Issue 3/2020


Table of Contents (6 Articles)

24-03-2020 | Regular Article

Macro uncertainty, analyst performance, and managerial ability
Min Chen, Lufei Ruan, Zhaobo Zhu, Fangjun Sang

04-06-2020 | Regular Article

Uncertainty and leverage nexus: does trade credit matter?
Muhammad Arif Khan, Xuezhi Qin, Khalil Jebran

27-09-2019 | Regular Article

Factors influencing SME owners’ continuance intention in Bangladesh: a logistic regression model
Iman Aghaei, Amin Sokhanvar

26-10-2019 | Regular Article

Board gender diversity, competitive pressure and investment efficiency in Chinese private firms
Sultan Sikandar Mirza, Muhammad Ansar Majeed, Tanveer Ahsan

11-10-2019 | Regular Article

Gender income gap in rural informal micro-enterprises: an unconditional quantile decomposition approach in the handloom industry
Bhabesh Hazarika

22-11-2019 | Regular Article

The effect of anomalous emotional scenes in children’s movies on future revenues
Ahmad Mostafa Abdeltawab, Zakia Obaidalahe

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