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Eurasian Business Review 3/2021
Eurasian Business Review

Issue 3/2021


Table of Contents (7 Articles)

Open Access 16-07-2021 | Regular Article

Innovation intensity and skills in firms across five European countries
Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten

11-02-2021 | Regular Article

Innovation and firm growth: Turkish manufacturing and services SMEs
Başak Dalgıç, Burcu Fazlıoğlu

30-01-2021 | Regular Article

Opening the box of subsidies: which is more effective for innovation?
Shiyuan Liu, Jiang Du, Weike Zhang, Xiaoli Tian

30-04-2021 | Regular Article

Entrepreneurial intention-action gap in family firms: bifurcation bias and the board of directors as an economizing mechanism
Jelle Schepers, Wim Voordeckers, Tensie Steijvers, Eddy Laveren

02-01-2020 | Regular Article

Does fan discrimination exist? Mixed-method investigation of customer discrimination in Chinese professional baseball league
Jye-Shyan Wang, Wen-Jhan Jane, Yu-Hung Cheng, Pei-Hsin Fang

08-02-2020 | Regular Article

Does privatization matter for corporate social responsibility? Evidence from China
Farman Ullah Khan, Junrui Zhang, Nanyan Dong, Muhammad Usman, Sajid Ullah, Shahid Ali

27-02-2020 | Regular Article

Board independence and Chinese banking efficiency: a moderating role of ownership restructuring
Ramiz ur Rehman, Junrui Zhang, Muhammad Akram Naseem, Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmed, Rizwan Ali

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