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Eurasian Business Review

Issue 4/2020

Content (6 Articles)

Regular Article

Cognitive social capital and absorptive capacity as antecedents of entrepreneurial orientation: a configurational approach

Job Rodrigo-Alarcón, Gloria Parra-Requena, María José Ruiz-Ortega

Open Access Regular Article

State business relations and the dynamics of job flows in Egypt and Turkey

Oznur Ozdamar, Eleftherios Giovanis, Sahizer Samuk

Regular Article

Regulatory oversight and managerial ability

Reza Hesarzadeh

Regular Article

Lock-up provisions and valuation of Turkish IPOs

Lokman Tutuncu

Regular Article

An empirical analysis of accounting conservatism surrounding share repurchases

Wilson X. B. Li, Tina T. He, Andrew Marshall, Gordon Y. N. Tang

Regular Article

Determinants of outsourced internal audit function: a further analysis

Saeed Rabea Baatwah, Adel Ali Al-Qadasi