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Eurasian Business Review 4/2020
Eurasian Business Review

Issue 4/2020


Table of Contents (6 Articles)

30-08-2020 | Regular Article

Cognitive social capital and absorptive capacity as antecedents of entrepreneurial orientation: a configurational approach
Job Rodrigo-Alarcón, Gloria Parra-Requena, María José Ruiz-Ortega

Open Access 21-10-2020 | Regular Article

State business relations and the dynamics of job flows in Egypt and Turkey
Oznur Ozdamar, Eleftherios Giovanis, Sahizer Samuk

30-03-2020 | Regular Article

Regulatory oversight and managerial ability
Reza Hesarzadeh

12-12-2019 | Regular Article

Lock-up provisions and valuation of Turkish IPOs
Lokman Tutuncu

30-11-2019 | Regular Article

An empirical analysis of accounting conservatism surrounding share repurchases
Wilson X. B. Li, Tina T. He, Andrew Marshall, Gordon Y. N. Tang

07-11-2019 | Regular Article

Determinants of outsourced internal audit function: a further analysis
Saeed Rabea Baatwah, Adel Ali Al-Qadasi

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