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The book provides an analysis of the dynamics of the global launch service market associated with small satellites, by placing a particular focus on its unfolding trends and future outlook.
From an economic perspective, the emergence of numerous micro launcher initiatives on top of already existing launch solutions for small satellites raises questions about the specific nature and size of the small satellite market that will - or could - be addressed by these emerging launch services offerings. Identifying the specific features of such market by characterizing customers' expectations and providing a competitive analysis of the different launch solutions for small satellites is the second objective of this report.
Finally, and from a policy perspective, the book reflects on whether such market could and should be handled on a purely private basis in the European context, or on the contrary generates relevant stakes that compels European institutional actors to become more actively involved in this domain.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

This chapter provides the general background of the research, outlines its main objectives and describes the methodology employed as well as the chapter structure.
Matteo Tugnoli, Martin Sarret, Marco Aliberti

Chapter 2. Overview on Micro Launchers

This chapter introduces the topic of micro launchers, starting with a historical perspective, and highlighting how these new developments can be viewed as embedded in the currently unfolding NewSpace dynamic. It further describes the main drivers behind contemporary micro launcher initiatives. The chapter concludes with a detailed overview of worldwide micro launcher developments.
Matteo Tugnoli, Martin Sarret, Marco Aliberti

Chapter 3. Business Perspectives for Micro Launchers

This chapter describes and discusses business perpectives for micro launchers. It provides a market analysis of the small satellite launch market, including a detailed assessment of the small satellite market segmentation in terms of mission and customer typology, as well as customer expectations. This part is followed by a competitive analysis of current and future launch strategies for small satellites. These analyses lay the groundwork for a benchmark of small satellite launch solutions, enabling the identification of strenghts and weakness and-ultimately-the value proposition of, and stakes for, micro launcher companies.
Matteo Tugnoli, Martin Sarret, Marco Aliberti

Chapter 4. Policy Perspectives for Europe

This chapter aims to assess what the stakes for Europe are in the micro launcher sector. The chapter first assesses whether micro launchers are a necessity for Europe by elaborating on demand and supply conditions and, building on that assessment, subsequently provides some policy considerations for pan-European stakeholders.
Matteo Tugnoli, Martin Sarret, Marco Aliberti


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