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European Journal of Wood and Wood Products

European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 2/2020

Issue 2/2020

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

30-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Effect of supercritical CO2 treatment and kiln drying on collapse in Eucalyptus nitens wood

Bernard S. W. Dawson, Hamish Pearson, Mark O. Kimberley, Bruce Davy, Alan R. Dickson

07-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

A study on the moisture performance of wood determined in laboratory and field trials

Davor Kržišnik, Boštjan Lesar, Nejc Thaler, Jože Planinšič, Miha Humar

31-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Capacity of innovative nailplated joints subjected to accelerated moisture cycling

A. J. Mainey, B. P. Gilbert, H. Bailleres, S. Gunalan, M. D. Smith

04-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Quality assessment and mechanical characterization of preservative-treated Moso bamboo (P. edulis)

Christian Gauss, Kent A. Harries, Marzieh Kadivar, Yusuf Akinbade, Holmer Savastano Jr.

30-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Suitability of analytical methods to determine tebuconazole, propiconazole and permethrin in aged wood samples

Ute Schoknecht, Petra Drescher, Martin Fischer, Christina Fürhapper, Jan Gunschera, Rainer Hill, Eckhard Melcher, Robby Wegner, Ursula Wilken, Joachim Wittenzellner

01-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using aqueous bark extract of Picea abies L. and their antibacterial activity

Corneliu Tanase, Lavinia Berta, Anca Mare, Adrian Man, Adina Iulia Talmaciu, Ioana Roșca, Eleonora Mircia, Irina Volf, Valentin I. Popa

05-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Structural coloration based on photonic crystals for coating applications on wood

Ara Núñez-Montenegro, Diana M. A. Crista, Joaquim C. G. Esteves da Silva

06-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Improvement of adhesion strength for wood-based material coating process using design of experiment methodology

Ender Hazir, Kücük Hüseyin Koc, Sükrü Alp Baray, Sakir Esnaf

24-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Strengthening and repairing of engineered bamboo-steel epoxy adhesive joints with carbon nanotube on the basis of resin pre-coating method

Wen Liu, Hang Xu, Xiaozhi Hu, Bingyan Yuan, Bo Tan, Feng Xu

15-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Experimental analysis of the forming behavior of ash wood veneer with nonwoven backings

David Zerbst, Emanuela Affronti, Thomas Gereke, Beate Buchelt, Sebastian Clauß, Marion Merklein, Chokri Cherif

05-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

A study of the influence of press parameters on particleboards’ performance

C. Gonçalves, J. Pereira, N. T. Paiva, J. M. Ferra, J. Martins, F. D. Magalhães, A. Barros-Timmons, L. Carvalho

29-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Planing characteristics of Papua New Guinea timber species from plantations and regrowth forests

Benoit Belleville, Ravu Iru, Charles Tsiritsi, Barbara Ozarska

19-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Evaluation of the effect of optimal fit criteria on the compressive strength of open mortise and tenon corner joints

László Elek, Zsolt Kovács, Levente Csóka, Charu Agarwal

06-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Embedment strength of mixed-species laminated veneer lumbers and cross-banded laminated veneer lumbers

Hoan H. Nguyen, Benoit P. Gilbert, Robert L. McGavin, Henri Bailleres, Hassan Karampour

30-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Resistance against subterranean termite of beech wood impregnated with different derivatives of glycerol or polyglycerol and maleic anhydride followed by thermal modification: a field test study

Mahdi Mubarok, Holger Militz, I. Wayan Darmawan, Yusuf Sudo Hadi, Stéphane Dumarçay, Philippe Gérardin

31-01-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020

Volatile compounds fingerprinting of larch tree samples for Siberian and European larch distinction

Tomáš Bajer, Jakub Šulc, Karel Ventura, Petra Bajerová

20-02-2020 | Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Qualitative investigation on VOC-emissions from spruce (Picea abies) and larch (Larix decidua) loose bark and bark panels

Günther Kain, Daniel Stratev, Eugenia Tudor, Bernhard Lienbacher, Martin Weigl, Marius-Catalin Barbu, Alexander Petutschnigg

17-01-2020 | Brief Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Specific gravity of inner and outer beech bark

Heiko Winter

04-02-2020 | Brief Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Time-dependent wettability changes on plasma-treated surfaces of unmodified and thermally modified European beech wood

D. Altgen, M. Altgen, S. Kyyrö, L. Rautkari, C. Mai

05-02-2020 | Brief Original | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

Physical and mechanical properties of Paulownia clone in vitro 112

Szabolcs Koman, Sandor Feher

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