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European Journal of Wood and Wood Products

European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 5/2019

Issue 5/2019

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

17-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Thermal, physical and mechanical properties of surface overlaid bark-based insulation panels

Dimitrios Tsalagkas, Zoltán Börcsök, Zoltán Pásztory

29-05-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Changes in chemical components of steam-treated betung bamboo strands and their effects on the physical and mechanical properties of bamboo-oriented strand boards

Adesna Fatrawana, Sena Maulana, Deded S. Nawawi, Rita Kartika Sari, Wahyu Hidayat, Se Hwi Park, Fauzi Febrianto, Seung Hwan Lee, Nam Hun Kim

23-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Fabrication, physical–mechanical properties and morphological characterizations of novel scrimber composite

Minzhen Bao, Neng Li, Chengjian Huang, Yuhe Chen, Wenji Yu, Yanglun Yu

05-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Coconut fibres and laminates with Jabon trunk (Anthocephalus cadamba Miq.) veneer for hybrid plywood composites: dimensional stability and mechanical properties

Rudi Dungani, Tati Karliati, Anne Hadiyane, Asep Suheri, Yoyo Suhaya

31-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Improved strength properties of three-layered particleboards with different core and surface layers based on kiri wood (Paulownia spp.)

Philipp A. Nelis, Carsten Mai

08-06-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Volatile organic compounds and odor emissions from veneered particleboards coated with water-based lacquer detected by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry

Qifan Wang, Jun Shen, Yali Shao, Huajun Dong, Zhaojing Li, Xiwei Shen

15-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Optimisation of cross-banded laminated veneer lumbers manufactured from blending hardwood and softwood veneers

Hoan H. Nguyen, Benoit P. Gilbert, Robert L. McGavin, Henri Bailleres

26-06-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Comparison of different treatments based on glycerol or polyglycerol additives to improve properties of thermally modified wood

Mahdi Mubarok, Stéphane Dumarcay, Holger Militz, Kévin Candelier, Marie France Thevenon, Philippe Gérardin

18-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

The effect of resin type and strand thickness on applied properties of poplar parallel strand lumber made from underutilized species

Payam Moradpour, Maryam Behnia, Hamidreza Pirayesh, Younes Shirmohammadli

18-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Long-term behaviour of Norway spruce glulam loaded perpendicular to grain

Francesco Mirko Massaro, Kjell Arne Malo

19-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Prediction of modulus of elasticity in static bending and density of wood at different moisture contents and feed rates by drilling resistance measurements

Evgenii Sharapov, Christian Brischke, Holger Militz, Elena Smirnova

27-06-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

House model with 2–5 cm thick translucent wood walls and its indoor light performance

Huayang Li, Xuelian Guo, Yuming He, Rongbo Zheng

01-08-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.) flooring structures designed to increase the basketball bounce height

Olimpia-Minerva Turcas Diaconu, Adriana Fotin, Camelia Cosereanu

16-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Effect of defoliator insect on growth and wood properties of eucalypt trees

Gabrielly dos Santos Bobadilha, Graziela Baptista Vidaurre, Ana Paula Câmara, Humberto Fantuzzi Neto, José Tarcisio da Silva Oliveira, Everton Pires Soliman, Dercilio Junior Verly Lopes, José Cola Zanuncio

29-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Ex-situ performance of extracts from naturally durable heartwood species and their potential as wood preservatives

Babar Hassan, Mark E. Mankowski, Grant Kirker, Sohail Ahmed, Amy Bishell

30-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Comparative study on radical scavenging activity and phenolic compounds content in water bark extracts of alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.), oak (Quercus robur L.) and pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

L. Skrypnik, N. Grigorev, D. Michailov, M. Antipina, M. Danilova, A. Pungin

29-06-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Efficiency of three conventional methods for extraction of dihydrorobinetin and robinetin from wood of black locust

Viljem Vek, Ida Poljanšek, Primož Oven

31-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Quantifying knots by image analysis and modeling their effects on the mechanical properties of loblolly pine lumber

Stephen Wright, Joseph Dahlen, Cristian Montes, Thomas L. Eberhardt

09-07-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

An efficient algorithm to estimate the pith location on an untreated end face image of a rubberwood log taken with a normal camera

Wattanapong Kurdthongmee, Korakot Suwannarat

11-05-2019 | Original | Issue 5/2019

Modelling and multi objective optimization of bamboo reinforced concrete beams using ANN and genetic algorithms

Ikechukwu Etienne Umeonyiagu, Chidozie Chukwuemeka Nwobi-Okoye

14-05-2019 | Brief Original | Issue 5/2019

Effects of saturated steam pretreatment on the drying quality of moso bamboo culms

Xinzhou Wang, Lulu Song, Dali Cheng, Xingyu Liang, Bin Xu

27-07-2019 | Brief Original | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Accessibility of hydroxyl groups in furfurylated wood at different weight percent gains and during Rhodonia placenta decay

Greeley Beck, Callum Hill, Pierre Martin Cocher, Gry Alfredsen

21-06-2019 | Brief Original | Issue 5/2019 Open Access

Initial study on the use of support vector machine (SVM) in tool condition monitoring in chipboard drilling

Albina Jegorowa, Jarosław Górski, Jarosław Kurek, Michał Kruk

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