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08-11-2018 | Exhaust-gas Aftertreatment | News | Article

"Lessons Learnt for Exhaust Aftertreatment"

Marc Ziegler
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At the MTZ conference "Heavy Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines 2018", 164 participants from 12 countries discussed topics including future drive concepts, exhaust aftertreatment and alternative fuels.

Manufacturers of large engines and related components are under heavy pressure to act in view of ever stricter legislation. However, manufacturers are ideally prepared for the future and have a broad range of developments, explained Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp, Senior Vice President Research and Development, Deutz AG, in his opening speech, and stressed, "we've learnt our lessons for exhaust aftertreatment." 

Alternative concepts such as electrified work machines, hybrids and hydrogen concepts are on the starting blocks, and biological and synthetic fuels also form part of the development strategy, so that highly autonomous internal combustion engines can continue to be used with CO2-neutral emissions in the off-highway sector in the future.

Politicians must set the framework

Despite the ever stricter legislation, the first speakers at the conference were confident, but also referred to the need for politicians to set a specific framework. "We can develop an appropriate drive for any fuel," Schwaderlapp said in the plenum.

The 13th International MTZ conference "Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines 2018" took place in Cologne on 6-7 November. 

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