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Experimental Mechanics

An International Journal Integrating Experimental Methods with the Mechanical Behavior of Materials and Structures

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15-05-2020 | Research paper

Evaluation of the VDA 238–100 Tight Radius Bend Test for Plane Strain Fracture Characterization of Automotive Sheet Metals

Accurate characterization of the fracture limit in plane strain tension of automotive sheet metals is critical for the design and crash performance of structural components. Plane strain bending using the VDA 238–100 V-bend test has potential for …

15-05-2020 | Research paper

An Indirect Experimental Measurement Method for Contact Length Identification in Non-conforming Frictionless Contact

Background: The non-conforming contact usually induce stress concentration as the interaction only occurs at a small interface. Theoretical and numerical investigations have shown that the contact stress distribution and maximum pressure are …

14-05-2020 | Research paper

Real-time Detection of CMAS Corrosion Failure in APS Thermal Barrier Coatings Under Thermal Shock

Calcium-magnesium-alumina-silicate (CMAS) corrosion has been regarded as the most important factor that leads to the degradation of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs). The failure mechanism of TBCs attacked by CMAS corrosion in the actual service …

12-05-2020 | Research paper

Size-dependent Creep Master Curve of Individual Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers

While there is great interest in polymer nanofibers due to their high strength, methods to measure their time-temperature superposition (TTS) curves are lacking. The objective of this work is to demonstrate one such method and thereby to predict …

07-05-2020 | Research paper

Graphene Size and Morphology: Peculiar Effects on Damping Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites

Nanomaterials with their extremely high free surfaces can effectively augment damping in nanocomposites via frictional sliding along the interface of nanomaterials and a matrix. Despite this potential, existing state of knowledge about the damping …

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Experimental Mechanics, the official journal of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, publishes papers in all areas of the field, including its theoretical and computational analysis. The journal addresses research in design and implementation of novel or enhanced experiments to characterize materials, structures, and systems. Readers will also find articles extending the frontiers of experimental mechanics at both large and small scales.

This journal’s coverage extends from research in solid and fluid mechanics to fields at the intersection of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology. The development of new devices and technologies for metrology applications in a wide range of industrial sectors is also covered.

In addition to primary research articles, Experimental Mechanics publishes review articles, brief technical notes, and applications articles that discuss important emerging technologies.

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