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Experimental Mechanics

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Plasticity Effects in the Hole-Drilling Residual Stress Measurement in Peened Surfaces

The incremental hole-drilling technique (IHD) is a widely established and accepted technique to determine residual stresses in peened surfaces. However, high residual stresses can lead to local yielding, due to the stress concentration around the …


Specimen Size and Strain Rate Effects on the Compressive Behavior of Concrete

Three high-performance concrete (HPC) materials with different specimen geometries were characterized using Kolsky compression bar techniques to study the strain rate and specimen size effects on their uniaxial compressive strength. A …


Determination of Bond Strengths in Non-woven Fabrics: a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

Interfiber bonds are important structural components in non-woven fabrics. Bond fracture greatly affects the strength and damage progression in a fiber network structure. Here, we present a novel combined experimental and computational approach to …


Development of a New Method to Investigate the Dynamic Friction Behavior of Interfaces Using a Kolsky Tension Bar

To understand interfacial interaction of a bi-material during an impact loading event, the dynamic friction coefficient is one of the key parameters that must be characterized and quantified. In this study, a new experimental method to determine …


Development of Optimal Multiscale Patterns for Digital Image Correlation via Local Grayscale Variation

In many applications of digital image correlation (DIC), it is advantageous to have measurements at multiple scales. Because it is rare to have natural features that can be used for DIC at multiple magnifications, an appropriately multiscale DIC …

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About this journal

Experimental Mechanics, the official journal of the Society for Experimental Mechanics, publishes papers in all areas of the field, including its theoretical and computational analysis. The journal addresses research in design and implementation of novel or enhanced experiments to characterize materials, structures, and systems. Readers will also find articles extending the frontiers of experimental mechanics at both large and small scales.

This journal’s coverage extends from research in solid and fluid mechanics to fields at the intersection of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology. The development of new devices and technologies for metrology applications in a wide range of industrial sectors is also covered.

In addition to primary research articles, Experimental Mechanics publishes review articles, brief technical notes, and applications articles that discuss important emerging technologies.

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