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2023 | Book

Exploring macOS

A Journey Through the Mac Ecosystem


About this book

If you are a new to the Apple macOS ecosystem and want to get started using it for your enterprise, this is the book for you. You will learn how to navigate the Mac operating system, including an introduction to macOS and its fundamentals, management settings, reinstallation process, and usability. The book also provides tutorials which can be used for troubleshooting networks, configuration, and to ease Windows users’ transition to the Mac world. Additionally, it provides detailed information about managing Mac devices using Jamf Pro within organizations, as well as basic and advanced automation scripting.

By the time you finish Apple Enterprise Management, you will have a detailed understanding of macOS and its functionality, how to manage Mac devices for enterprise use, and the role Jamf Pro plays in managing and securing Mac devices effectively whilse providing a seamless user experience.

What You Will Learn

Perform administrative tasks on macOS devicesImplement macOS in an enterprise settingUnderstand the differences between various operating systems, particularly macOS and WindowsManage network configuration and its servicesManage Apple macOS devices using Jamf Pro, a stable, robust, and renowned enterprise mobility management toolGet started with Bash (shell) scripting to automate tasks

Who Is This Book For:

Helpdesk consultants, remote desktop support professionals, system engineers, macOS Apple desktop administrators, enterprise Apple macOS desktop architects, Jamf system engineers, and digital workplace engineers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. macOS Management Settings and Reinstallation Process
In this chapter, we delve into the various aspects of macOS functionality, with a special focus on customizing the operating system to suit individual user preferences. We begin by exploring how users can tailor macOS settings at the operating system level to optimize their overall experience.
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Chapter 2. Applications and Utilities Introduction
In this chapter, we will delve into the usability of applications and utilities within macOS so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of their functions and features. Our discussion will begin with an exploration of the various types of user accounts and file systems (application and formatting) that are supported on Mac devices, which are essential for effectively managing macOS.
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Chapter 3. Configurations and Troubleshooting
In this chapter, we will delve into essential network and system tools for macOS. We will guide you through network configurations, printer and scanner management, macOS libraries, Time Machine backups, creating bootable installers, troubleshooting app installations, and system log analysis.
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Chapter 4. Troubleshooting in macOS and Ventura OS Overview
In this chapter, we will discuss specific Mac issues and how to troubleshoot those issues. Basically, we will cover startup, network, and printer issues along with detailed troubleshooting steps. We will also discuss macOS Ventura operating system settings in detail along with required screenshots. Additionally, we will cover important features and improvements in Ventura OS.
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Chapter 5. Introduction to Jamf and Apple Enterprise Management
This chapter will discuss about Apple Enterprise Management and why we need it. Additionally, you will find out why Jamf is one of the leading and scalable Apple Enterprise Management products along with its product portfolio, licensing, architecture, and other important components. Jamf Pro is used to manage macOS, iOS, and Apple TV devices. However, since our focus is on macOS devices, we will only touch on a few concepts of mobile devices wherever required. To understand more about Apple Enterprise Management and Jamf, let’s focus on the following topics:
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Chapter 6. Automation
This chapter covers automation in macOS and how it can be useful for Mac system administrators, system engineers, DevOps engineers, and others. Automation makes the life of a system admin much easier and provides the best experience for the end user. To understand and apply automation on a macOS computer in real time, you need a clear understanding of the following topics in detail:
Sagar Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh
Exploring macOS
Sagar Rastogi
Jasdeep Singh
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