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Fibers and Polymers

Fibers and Polymers 6/2019

Issue 6/2019

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Synthesis and Properties of High Thermally Stable and Organosoluble Poly(pyridine imide)s with Pendent Diethylaminophenyl Groups

Xiaohua Huang, Hua Li, Chanjuan Liu, Limin Zang, Huanfu Zhou, Chun Wei

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Investigating the Mechanical Behavior of PGA/PCL Copolymer Surgical Suture Material Using Multiple-Beam Interference Microscopy

Mohammed A. El-Bakary, Kermal A. El-Farahaty, Nayera M. El-Sayed

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Preparation of Degradable Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose Gauze by Zinc Modification on HNO3/Cu Oxidized Viscose Fibers

Atefeh Afroozan Bazghaleh, Mojtaba Akbari Dogolsar

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Isolation of Cellulose Nanocrystals from Typha domingensis Named Southern Cattail Using a Batch Reactor

Eder Uzziel Pulido Barragán, Carlos Fernando Castro Guerrero, Ana María Zamudio, Ana Beatriz Morales Cepeda, Thomas Heinze, Andreas Koschella

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Study of Oleophobic Modification of Fiber Material Surface and Its Performance

Dan Zhang, Chanjuan Huang, Wei Luo, Yuhe Wu, Zhu Long

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

A Simple Method for the Preparation of Antibacterial Cotton Fabrics by Coating Graphene Oxide Nanosheets

Fatemeh Yaghoubidoust, Esmaeil Salimi

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Fabrication of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Silver Nanoparticles Decorated Conductive Cotton Fabric for High Performing Electromagnetic Interference Shielding and Antibacterial Application

Sabyasachi Ghosh, Sayan Ganguly, Poushali Das, Tushar Kanti Das, Madhuparna Bose, Nikhil K. Singha, Amit Kumar Das, Narayan Ch. Das

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Improved Fiber Uniformity and Jet Number in Multi-spinneret Electrospinning via Auxiliary Electrode

Yu-Ke Wu, Zong-Jie Li, Jie Fan, Liang Wang, Peng-Fei Zhang, Jian Liu, Yong Liu

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Concentrated Multi-nozzle Electrospinning

Yuekun Zheng, Huatang Cao, Zhou Zhou, Xuecui Mei, Lingke Yu, Xiaojun Chen, Gonghan He, Yang Zhao, Dezhi Wu, Daoheng Sun

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Fabrication of Curcumin-loaded Gliadin Electrospun Nanofibrous Structures and Bioactive Properties

Perihan Kubra Akman, Fatih Bozkurt, Mohammed Balubaid, Mustafa Tahsin Yilmaz

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Study on Spinnability of PP/PU Blends and Preparation of PP/PU Bi-component Melt Blown Nonwovens

Yanfen Zhou, Liang Jiang, Huiying Jia, Xiaolu Xing, Zhenhua Sun, Shaojuan Chen, Jianwei Ma, Stephen Jerrams

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Effect of Breed and Age on the Dye Fixation and Optimization of Wool Dyeing with Reactive Dye

Takwa Bouagga, Taoufik Harizi, Faouzi Sakli

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Performance Analysis of Pyridine N-oxide as Dye Transfer Inhibitor in Household Laundry

R. Rathinamoorthy

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Kinetic and Equilibrium Modeling of Anionic Dye Adsorption on Polyaniline Emeraldine Salt: Batch and Fixed Bed Column Studies

Sibani Majumdar, Anamika Baishya, Debajyoti Mahanta

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Reuse of Effluent Water Obtained in Ultrafiltration of Reactive Dyes

Smaro Lykidou, Evangelos Karanikas, Chrysa Anagnostopoulou, Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Eforia Tsatsaroni

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

All-cellulose Composites Based on Cotton Textile Woven Preforms

Anita Grozdanov, Igor Jordanov, Gennaro Gentile, Maria E. Errico, Roberto Avollio, Maurizio Avella

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Three-dimensional Network Structure of Conductive Composites by Hybrid Conductive Fillers of Silver/graphene

Xiao Min Zhang, Kun-yan Wang, Guo Zhao, Qi Long Li, Bin Wang

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Effect of Pile Height on the Mechanical Properties of 3D Woven Spacer Composites

Muhammad Umair, Syed Talha Ali Hamdani, Yasir Nawab, Muhammad Ayub Asghar, Tanveer Hussain, Abdelghani Saouab

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Mechanical and Thermodynamic Properties of Unidirectional Flax Fiber Reinforced CNT Modified Epoxy Composites

Hongguang Wang, Lanjie Yang, Huajie Guo, Yagebai Zhao, Jianing Zhao

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Polyethylene Terephthalate/Carbon Fabric/Polyurethane Foam Sandwich Composites: Flame Retardance and Mechanical Properties

Liwei Wu, Jingyan Ban, Qian Jiang, Ting-Ting Li, Bing-Chiuan Shiu, Shih-Yu Huang, Ching-Wen Lou, Jia-Horng Lin

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Stress Relaxation in Delaminated Carbon/Epoxy Composites

P. N. B. Reis, M. P. Silva, P. Santos

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Unsaturated Polyester Composites Filled with Waste Rubber Glove Crumbs

M. Nuzaimah, S. M. Sapuan, R. Nadlene, M. Jawaid

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

The Effect of Single and Double-wefted Styles on the In-plane Impact Behavior of Fabric Carbon-aramid/Epoxy Intralayer Hybrid Composite Laminates

Jiaojiao Xi, Jingyun Yu, Zhiqiang Yu

01-06-2019 | Issue 6/2019

Analysis on Property Discrepancy between Core and Sheath Fibers in Braided Harness Cords

Kaifang Xie, Ziyun Zhang, Hua Shen, Guangbiao Xu

01-06-2019 | Communication | Issue 6/2019

Preliminary Study on the Adhesion Strength of Electrospun Bi-Layer Membranes by 180° Peel Test

Nor Dalila Nor Affandi, Fatirah Fadil, Mohd Iqbal Misnon

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