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Fibers and Polymers

Fibers and Polymers 8/2021

Issue 8/2021

Table of Contents ( 30 Articles )

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Preparation and Characterization of Fluorine-Containing Polybenzoxazole Composite Films including Graphene Oxide as a Reinforcing Material

Chan Sol Kang, Doo Hyun Baik

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Dense and Fibrous Membranes of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)/Epoxidized Poly(isoprene): Chemical and Biological Evaluation

Nayrim Brizuela Guerra, Júlia Bünecker Cassel, Nathália Oderich Muniz, Nicole Andréa Corbellini Henckes, Fernanda dos Santos de Oliveira, Elizabeth Obino Cirne-Lima, Luis Alberto Loureiro dos Santos

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Evaluation of Silk Fibroin Nanofibrous Dressing Incorporating Niosomal Propolis, for Potential Use in Wound Healing

Mahla Behyari, Rana Imani, Hamid Keshvari

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Smart Wearable, Highly Sensitive Pressure Sensor with MWNTs/PPy Aerogel Composite

Dilini S. W. Gunasekara, Yin He, Hao Liu, Li Liu

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane with Cellulose Acetate as Chain Extender

Safarul Mustapha, Yoshito Andou

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Polypyrrole/Organic Sulfonic Acid Coated Activated Carbon Fiber Felt as Flexible Supercapacitor with High-performance

Huiyu Yang, Jie Xu, Lisha Zhai, Xin Liu, Bo Deng, Weilin Xu

19-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Changes in Porosity, Electrical and Surface Properties after Laundering of Heat-treated AgNW/PDMS/PU Nanofiber-web

Eugene Lee, Sujin Cha, Gilsoo Cho

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Fabrication of Herbal Hemostat Films Loaded with Medicinal Tridax Procumbenns Extracts

Trupti Sutar, Prachi Bangde, Prajakta Dandekar, Ravindra Adivarekar

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Polymerization and Dyeing Properties of Gallic Acid on Silk Fabric Catalyzed by Horseradish Peroxidase

Na-won Baek, Xue-rong Fan, Jiu-gang Yuan, Jin Xu, Qiang Wang

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Zinc Hydroxystannate Coated by Aluminum Phosphate for Improving Its Compatibility in Flame-retardant Poly(acrylonitrile-co-vinylidene chloride)

Ji Eun Song, Ji Su Kim, Daeyoung Lim, Wonyoung Jeong

19-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Synergic Effect of HNT/oMMT Bi-filler System for the Mechanical Enhancement of PLA/PBAT Film

Eunjoo Ko, Taeho Kim, Jungbin Ahn, Sanghyun Park, Sewon Pak, Minhyung Kim, Hyungsup Kim

09-06-2021 | Issue 8/2021

The Preliminary Simulated Effect of Stretching and Blowing Combination on the Wall Thickness Distribution of 1.5Lt PET Bottle During ISBM Process

A. Lontos, A. Gregoriou

19-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Regenerated Cellulose Fiber Functionalization by Two-step Oxidation Using Sodium Periodate and Sodium Chlorite — Impact on the Structure and Sorption Properties

A. Kramar, A. Ivanovska, M. Kostić

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Morphological, Thermal, Mechanical, and Optical Properties of Hybrid Nanocellulose Film Containing Cellulose Nanofiber and Cellulose Nanocrystals

Can Hu, Yueyun Zhou, Ting Zhang, Taijun Jiang, Cong Meng, Guangsheng Zeng

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of PA66 Fabrics Coated/Uncoated PVC by Biaxial Tensile Tests

Changsheng Wang, Xifan Cao, Hongbei Shen

09-06-2021 | Issue 8/2021

The Possibility of Using Far Infrared Fabrics to Promote Wound Healing from the Cellular Level

Yifei Mu, Zimin Jin, Yuxiu Yan, Jianwei Tao

19-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Environmentally Friendly Multifunctional Superwettable Coatings with pH-responsiveness for High-efficiency and Controllable Separation of Multiphase Oil-water Mixtures and Organic Compounds

Jinmei He, Jiehui Li, Lulu Liu, Qian Liu, Chen Yang, Xin Yang, Lei Peng, Xiaodan Jia, Mengnan Qu

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Synthesis, Characterization, and Functional Properties of ZnO-based Polyurethane Nanocomposite for Textile Applications

Santosh Kumar, Md Morshedur Rahman, Sanghyun Yoon, Sangcheon Kim, Nahyun Oh, Kyung Hwa Hong, Joonseok Koh

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Valorization and Reuse of Centaurea Kroumeriensis Hydrodistillation Effluent: A Sustainable Phytodyeing Process for Wool Fabrics

Nedra Dhouibi, Manel Ben Ticha, Houda Raddaoui, Chedly Boudokhane, Hatem Dhaouadi

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Ink-Jet Printing of Wool/Acrylic Blend Fabrics with Cationic Reactive Dyes

Hang Xiao, Qiangbing Yu, Jiang Tu, Meihui Wang, Omer Kamal Alebeid, Peng Wang, Ming Lu

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A Study on Mechanical and Morphological Analysis of Banana/Sisal Fiber Reinforced IPN Composites

P. Vimalanathan, G. Suresh, M. Rajesh, R. Manikandan, S. K. Rajesh Kanna, V. Santhanam

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Investigation of Porosity and Permeability of Resin Flow Inside the Mold with Woven Carbon Fibers: Numerical and Experimental Approaches

Kave Dadkhah Shokrollahi, Kian Dadkhah Shokrollahi, Aliakbar Karimipour, Davood Toghraie

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Improvement of Interfacial Bonding Force between PMI Foam and CFRP in PMI Foam-Cored CFRP Sandwich Composites

Seunguk Cheon, Seongil Yu, Ki-Young Kim, Dae Young Lim, Jae-Chul Lee

21-07-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Investigation of the Effect of CNTs on the Mechanical Properties of Biaxial Weft-knitted Thermoplastic Composites

Özgür Demircan, Umut Ahmet Simsek

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Finite Element Analyses on Low-velocity Impact Responses of Three-dimensional Braided Composites

Yuan-yuan Li, Zheng-qiang Lyu, Ping Wang, Ya-lan Wang, Ting Chen, Yan Zhang

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

A Semi-analytical and Experimental Approach Using Molecular Dynamic Simulation for Thermo-mechanical Properties of Surface Functionalized Epoxy/Polyurethane/MWCNT/ZnMoO4 Nanocomposites

Marzieh Sarafrazi, Ahmad Reza Ghasemi, Masood Hamadanian

19-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Predicting and Characterizing Plastic Deformation Behavior of Transversely-isotropic Carbon Fiber Monofilament Using Finite Element Simulation and Nanoindentation

Hongzhou Li, Chuntai Liu, Jialian Chen

26-04-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Analysis of Adhesion Effect of Solution on Cotton Fibers in Adhesive-aided Ring Spinning

Peiying Li, Mingrui Guo, Fengxin Sun, Jiajia Fu, Weidong Gao

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Investigation of the Tensile Stress Relaxation Phenomenon in Seamed Worsted Fabrics

Shayan Abrishami, Fatemeh Mousazadegan, Nazanin Ezazshahabi

20-05-2021 | Issue 8/2021

Wear Comfort of Woven Fabrics for Clothing Made from Composite Yarns

Hyun Ah Kim

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