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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/1998

Issue 1/1998

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-03-1998 | Editorial Commentary | Issue 1/1998

Editorial: The Cost of Saving Lives

John M. Watts Jr.

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

Appreciation to Referees

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

Simplified Model of Smoke Dispersion in Buildings by Stack Effect

T. Z. Harmathy

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

Ignitor and Thickness Effects on Upward Flame Spread

J. Q. Quintiere, C. H. Lee

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

Carbon Monoxide and Fire Toxicity: A Review and Analysis of Recent Work

Gordon L. Nelson

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

Thermal Characterization of a Ceramic Intumescent Material

J. H. Koo

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

A New Total Flooding Test Procedure for Evaluating Fire-Suppressant Agents

Paul Kerr, Sherril D. Christian, Edwin E. Tucker, Cedomir M. Sliepcevich, Arnulf P. Hagen

01-03-1998 | Call for Papers | Issue 1/1998

Current Research: Computer Simulation Eliminates Problem in Aircraft Carrier Firefighting Trainer

William D. Davis, R. Robert S. Levine

01-03-1998 | Issue 1/1998

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