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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2001

Issue 1/2001

Table of Contents ( 5 Articles )

01-01-2001 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 1/2001

A New Milestone

John M. Watts

01-01-2001 | Issue 1/2001

Interaction of Sprinklers with Smoke and Heat Vents

Craig L. Beyler, Leonard Y. Cooper

01-01-2001 | Issue 1/2001

An Evaluation of the International Maritime Organization's Gaseous Agents Test Protocol

Eric W. Forssell, Gerard G. Back, Craig L. Beyler, Philip J. DiNenno, R. Hansen, D. Beene

01-01-2001 | Issue 1/2001

Experimental Study of Fire Ventilation During Fire Fighting Operations

Stefan Svensson

01-01-2001 | Issue 1/2001

The Design and Construction of a Vertical Wind Tunnel for the Study of Untethered Firebrands in Flight

I.K. Knight

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