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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2007

Issue 1/2007

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-03-2007 | Issue 1/2007


John M. Watts

01-03-2007 | Issue 1/2007

Clean Agent System Utilizing FM-200® and Automatic Sprinkler System

Eric W. Forssell, Mark L. Robin, Steven T. Ginn, Lance D. Harry

01-03-2007 | Issue 1/2007

Effectiveness of Various Concentrations of an Inert Gas Mixture for Preventing and Suppressing Mining Equipment Cab Fires: Development of a Dual Cab Fire Inerting System

Maria I. De Rosa, Charles D. Litton

01-03-2007 | Issue 1/2007

Using FDS to Simulate Smoke Layer Interface Height in a Simple Atrium

Steve Kerber, James A. Milke

01-03-2007 | Issue 1/2007

An Experimental Determination of a Real Fire Performance of a Non-Load Bearing Glass Wall Assembly

Samuel L. Manzello, Richard G. Gann, Scott R. Kukuck, Kuldeep R. Prasad, Walter W. Jones

01-03-2007 | Book Review | Issue 1/2007

Review of “Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena” by James G. Quintiere, Wiley, 2006, ISBN-13 978-0-470-09113-5 and ISBN-10 0-470-09113-4

Nicholas A. Dembsey

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