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Fire Technology

Fire Technology 1/2009

Issue 1/2009

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Estimating Thermal Radiation Fields from 3D Flame Reconstruction

P. S. Mason, C. M. Fleischmann, C. B. Rogers, A. E. McKinnon, K. Unsworth, M. Spearpoint

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Performance-based Fire Protection of Historical Structures

Richard W. Bukowski, Vincenzo Nuzzolese

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

An Evaluation of Aerosol Extinguishing Systems for Machinery Space Applications

Gerard Back, Michael Boosinger, Eric Forssell, David Beene, Elizabeth Weaver, Lou Nash

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

A Post-fire Survey on the Pre-evacuation Human Behavior

C. M. Zhao, S. M. Lo, S. P. Zhang, M. Liu

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

An Experimental Examination of Dead Air Space for Smoke Alarms

Joseph Z. Su, George P. Crampton

01-03-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Economic Performance of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

David T. Butry

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